ret heals in 5.2: numbers?

Can any rets in the ptr tell me how much wog and fol are healing for in it?

I haven't seen any posts about the in-game numbers, merely speculation .
It's a 10% increase on the PTR right now for me. I have 11300 pvp power.

30k flash of light heals are now 33k. (ish)

I don't think sword of light has been changed yet though.
Yeah, the buff to Flash of Light hasn't gone in yet, so wait until that happens to see what it's like.
On average right now with PvP power (since we stack resil for the most part) most of us have 45-50% pvp power, which gives us about a 12% incrase (obv math here) so usually my 33k heals are hitting 35k

Speculating with the Sword of Light change, it's looking at about 55k per flash heal, but yeah the SoL change isn't on the ptr yet so theres no way to tell for sure
Well poop. Look at me jumping gun :/

I was unaware it wasnt up yet.

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