We are one of the first 10 man raiding guilds on the server, and have just celebrated our five year anniversary. We are a casual raiding guild, and while we would like to push content like other guilds, most of us dont have time to raid 4 times a week. Of course, this does not mean that our raids are inferior or poorly managed. While we dont raid often, we do raid well and often have a fun raiding experience. Our main goal is to have fun while raiding with the secondary goal of progressing through raiding content. That being said we are looking for mature, professional raiders/guildies who are willing to do their part for a fun and successful raid, or contribute to the guild as a whole.

We've just started raiding recently (with a dedicated group), so if you're looking to get back into raiding, or just starting out for this expansion, this might be a great fit.

We've just filled for all major raid spots, but we're always welcoming casuals guildies who could fill in as back-up raiders or just want to just be apart of the guild environment. Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday, 7:00pm - 10ish.

Please apply at http://www.carpefluxcapacitor.com/phpBB3/portal.php (don't let the "closed" status fool you)
Message a guild officer in game to set up a time to talk (any member can point you to an officer)
Just threw up an app to join.

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