Spriest and Ele Shaman LF raid spots!!

Guild Recruitment
(1) if your willing to give alliance a chance
(2) if your friend is willing to give enhancement shaman a chance (he can raid as Elem short term but would be required to pass on gear and roll against me on AGI gear)
(3) If you understand you are not going to be "bench" but for a successful raid there needs to be more then 10 people on the roster. There will be a night you your friend or maybe both will be sitting.
(4) would like to be part of a guild that the majority of members are 28+ with family, work etc and understand RL>WoW
(5) would like to raid on the weekend, Friday and Sunday 8:30 to 11:30 PM EST.

If your interested, then check out www.incurronoctis.org, sign up for the forum and let us know. I am only recruiting two more peeps for the roster and you two can be it.

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