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Moon Guard
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A large scale RP/PvP event will take place between February 21st to the 23rd. In the steeps of Kun-Lai and on the mountain herself, Alliance and Horde armies will clash in terrible battle. The control of the roof of Pandaria will fall into the hands of the victors! Information will be listed below. Also, all pre-events will take place prior to the battle to establish interest.

The shadow of a golden feathered vulture soars over the milk-grass of Kun-Lai Summit. The high and bright sun reflected off the defiant snows of the narrow mountain passes. It had been several months since the Warchief had marched to Kun-Lai, but the Horde army still lingered in the frigid passes. The war in the south raged bitterly for weeks and yet, no victory could be found. Even now, the armies of the Golden Lion and the Black Scorpion fan out across Pandaria.

It would not be long before the Warchief's excursion into Kun-Lai would be noticed. Alliance regiments had marched from the Shrine of Seven Stars through the Eternal Vale. Their bright sapphire banners waved defiantly against all odds. Bright plumed helms on thick plate reflected the dying light of a waning sun. Their goal was simple: find the Horde army in the mountains and destroy them.

Horde forces, landing off the northern shores rode swiftly through the mountain passes. Despite the snow and the bitter cold they managed to make camp at the Garrosh'ar Advance. Chieftains, Warlords, Knights, and Covens from all across the dominion gather en masse to claim Kun-Lai as their own. No force will stop and defy them, not even the Alliance.

The vulture circles high and low. Its sharp eyes watch with hungry intent as it eagerly awaits its coming meal. The banners of either faction shift and flap in the wind. Two armies, prepared to clash on the open plains of Kun-Lai ready their weapons of war. The land will tremble under the impossible will of these factions, and blood will seep into the hard tundra soil.

The control of Kun-Lai will fall into the hands of the victors, and the defeated will fill the belly of the carrion birds that circle above. War and its terrible eyes find it necessary to engage in battle here, and all of Pandaria will hear its cry.

On 2/21-2/23rd, a two part battle series will clash amidst the strongest factions of the Alliance and Horde. I would like the server to take part in this dangerous and epic clash on the plains of Kun-Lai and in the mountain passes above.

Event information will follow below:

The Gathering of Banners: Feb 21st at 8pm.
Due to hard blizzard conditions, flying inside the area of Kun-Lai is all but impossible. The Mogu have seized the August Gate. Horde forces will be forced to march south from the Zouchin Province. The Alliance gathering on the far side of the thundra will march east from the Oxgate. Both factions will gather their banners and set up their war-camps at Eastwind and Westwind Rests. The Alliance may either choose to engage them on the march or choose to wait to a more opportune night to engage.

The Battle of the Conquerors: Feb 22nd at 8pm


Horde forces, entrenched in the Garrosh'ar War-camp will march into the tombs of the Ancient Mogu and attempt to capture a remaining relic of considerable power. The relic will allow the Horde the strength to wipe the Alliance from the mountain once and for all. To prevent the Horde and their conquest, riders of the Alliance will ride ahead into the mountain and prepare an ambush and defend of the narrow passes. They must prevent the Horde from scouring the ruins to find the last remaining relic critical to the Horde conquest.

If the Alliance should fail, then all of the strength must be saved for the final battle of Kun-Lai itself to overcome the massive Horde War Machine. If the Horde are unable to secure the relic, then they must suffer a crippling defeat and hope their strength at arms will override the Alliance's gallant resolve.

The Battle of Kun-Lai: Feb 23rd at 8pm
Horde and Alliance forces will clash in the plains between Eastwind and Westwind Rests. In an epic clash of banners each faction will line up and charge face to face in the final battle of Kun-Lai. Depending on the prior night's victory will determine the final outcome of this battle. Prepare for an epic battle!

The victors of the event will drive their rival faction from the field and crush their ability to fight in Pandaria drastically. The bloody battle will ensue for days after the major one, but the vanquished will be ultimately driven from the land.

More to come in the following posts.

Pre-Battle Vent Meetings for interested Guild Leaders: Jan 25th at 8pm.
All interested guild leaders and their accompany officers should attend a quick meeting prior to the event to establish more defined rules of engagement, add content, and plan out remaining important parts of the events.

The Call of Arms: Feb 10th.
In character letters will be sent out to interested guild leaders from either faction. I am currently looking for an Alliance counterpart to take the lead and help assist on their end. You will not be alone and will have a lot of help! Let me know if you're interested.

The Horde March from Zouchin Village Feb 21st at 8pm.
Horde forces landing from the sea will come up on the shore this night and march from Zouchin Village to Eastwind Rest. They will then make camp and prepare for the battle to come. Looking for an Alliance counter-event to take place at similar date and time.

Other events: TBA

Participating Guilds:

<The Blades of Greymane>
<House Sunwhisper>
<The League of Lordaeron>
<The Shadows of Argus>
<Jade Guard>
<Order of the Golden Hawk>
<Lineage of the Moon>
<The First Regiment>
<Magus Senate of Dalaran>
<Qimeng Simiao>
<Blood of Lordaeron>
<Wolves of the Gray Rose>
<Dwarven Vanguard>
<Moonsong Blackguard>
<Blackmoon Sentinels>
<Order of the Beast>
<The Light Brigade>

<The Sunguard>
<The Dawnfury Concordant>
<The Kor'Kron Legion>
<The Dominion of the Sun>
<The Antu Bloodguard>
<The Blood Regiment>
<The Shieldpaw Shaodin>
<The Hand of Vengeance>
<Order of the Veiled>
Rules of Engagement:

The following rules will be exclusive to the event:
1. All participating will be held to a code of conduct based on a honor system.
2. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
3. Players are not limited to any set of skills or rules to the engagement.
4. Players MAY run back to their corpses before, during, and after battles.
5. Once a faction has clearly been defeated, that faction's leaders will announce the wipe and each side will reset for another charge.
6. Mounts found in Pandaria are highly encouraged. Yaks and Mountain Goats more so.
7. All players will have fun or face the Sha of Anger
8. The event's framers may modify the event itself to help keep flow and player engagement.

Remember this is designed to be fun. The various leaders will do their best so either side will have a blast. If you are interested in participation please feel free to contact me:


The Mogu Relic:
Even when the land of mists was young, the longest reaches of the Old Gods seeped through every stone. All was touched by the malevolent emotions of Y'Shaarj. When the gods of the sky came and smote down this foul creature, his final breath poisoned the land forever. In everything Y’shaarj lived, seeping deep into the hearts of men and women. All that walked the isle of mists knew that their actions would feed the dying god. One defied all, he crafted an item to hide himself from the draining of emotion. In this he found solace. Until his secrets died with him and the king he served.

But this item was as much a part of him as an arm is to the body. Using his flesh and bone, the mogu warlord crafted himself into a powerful being. Part construct, part living flesh, he banded together the mistfit bands of mogu in Kun-Lai. All trembled under their foot, yet they drew no anger and knew no pain. Emotion had left their body all together. They had become like the constructs they hated yet they would know no rest.

The warlord Lu Bian was confronted by the misdeeds once and forall. Hatred, envy, greed, these things cannot stay hidden forever. Soon all the emotion he had forsaken manifested before him in a terrible tyrannous Sha.

Though part construct and part living being the mogu wrestled with the intense emotion inside of him. Fear, greed, lust all drove him to the brink of madness. With claw and sword the two clashed bitterly. All of the Warlord’s army perished under this dreadful creature until it was the Warlord and the Sha alone.

Light clashed off the heaven and drove into rock and earth. For four days and four nights did the two battle. Blizzards drove snow to their thighs, wind frosted their faces. The cold of Neverset would overwhelm them. Until the final moment Lu Bian was all but defeated until he drove his his fist into the heart of the Sha and pulled out it’s beating fluids.

And when he was brought low, the Mogu still stood defiant. The breath of Y’hsaarj swept over him. It seeped into his skin, his blood, and his mind. Internally triumphant did he last, able to wrest the powers out of the Sha in his own heart. He had became immune to its influence. Either through madness or raw cunning he became immortal. Though his body withered his spirit did not. Those who seek it will hold the same defiance. The Sha corrupts, but Lu Bian was incorruptible. ~Lorewalker Zhou: The Deep Scrolls

His body was rested inside the mountain itself. Even now its boon will protect anyone near from the Sha’s terrible influence. The recent clashes of the Horde and Alliance had awoken terrible creatures in Pandaria. Only by chance was his tomb uncovered. Lu Bian’s body is this very relic and its magic still lingers.
In the mountains.
Editing as I go.
Oooh. I are interested. I shall make with the discussions.
We might be interested. I'll discuss it with my officers.
The base frame of the event has been posted. If you are interested please feel free to contact me at any time or add my battle tag as listed above! The more banners the better! Long live Moon Guard's RP/PvP!
Sign The Dawnfury Concordant up, Archon. We march at your call!

Also, Yak'dorei time!
Guild added. Looking for Alliance interest. Hope to see you you guys there!
Looks really interesting, I'll put my guild forward for this.

As for the Bulwark, If you'd like I can spread the word. I'm sure most of the guilds in the Bulwark would be really interested as well.
Let's hope so! I'm looking to have the final battle on Kun-Lai be an ultimate clash of arms.
Yeah if you want I'll definitely help spread the word for ya alliance side.
Please do! More the better!
I am unnecessarily excited to ride a goat into battle here. No wait. Its actually pretty necessary.
I am downright quivering in anticipation.

Mustache bump
The League is interested! Sign us up, if you please. :)
01/05/2013 09:57 PMPosted by Demitria
The League is interested! Sign us up, if you please. :)

Let me talk to my guild. See if they are interested.

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