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Moon Guard
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Horde leaders! You should start seeing invites! If you could add them to your guilds calendar that would be awesome!

Looking to do an IC call to arms this week on Tuesday for Horde! I know it's short notice but all of your characters should have word of the battle by the end of the week if not through hearsay.

I'm am desperately looking for an Alliance counterpart to do the same for their faction.
Even when the land of mists was young, the longest reaches of the Old Gods seeped through every stone. All was touched by the malevolent emotions of Y'Shaarj. When the gods of the sky came and smote down this foul creature, his final breath poisoned the land forever. In everything Y’shaarj lived, seeping deep into the hearts of men and women. All that walked the isle of mists knew that their actions would feed the dying god. One defied all, he crafted an item to hide himself from the draining of emotion. In this he found solace. Until his secrets died with him and the king he served.

But this item was as much a part of him as an arm is to the body. Using his flesh and bone, the mogu warlord crafted himself into a powerful being. Part construct, part living flesh, he banded together the mistfit bands of mogu in Kun-Lai. All trembled under their foot, yet they drew no anger and knew no pain. Emotion had left their body all together. They had become like the constructs they hated yet they would know no rest.

The warlord Lu Bian was confronted by the misdeeds once and forall. Hatred, envy, greed, these things cannot stay hidden forever. Soon all the emotion he had forsaken manifested before him in a terrible tyrannous Sha.

Though part construct and part living being the mogu wrestled with the intense emotion inside of him. Fear, greed, lust all drove him to the brink of madness. With claw and sword the two clashed bitterly. All of the Warlord’s army perished under this dreadful creature until it was the Warlord and the Sha alone.

Light clashed off the heaven and drove into rock and earth. For four days and four nights did the two battle. Blizzards drove snow to their thighs, wind frosted their faces. The cold of Neverset would overwhelm them. Until the final moment Lu Bian was all but defeated until he drove his his fist into the heart of the Sha and pulled out it’s beating fluids.

And when he was brought low, the Mogu still stood defiant. The breath of Y’hsaarj swept over him. It seeped into his skin, his blood, and his mind. Internally triumphant did he last, able to wrest the powers out of the Sha in his own heart. He had became immune to its influence. Either through madness or raw cunning he became immortal. Though his body withered his spirit did not. Those who seek it will hold the same defiance. The Sha corrupts, but Lu Bian was incorruptible. ~Lorewalker Zhou: The Deep Scrolls

His body was rested inside the mountain itself. Even now its boon will protect anyone near from the Sha’s terrible influence. The recent clashes of the Horde and Alliance had awoken terrible creatures in Pandaria. Only by chance was his tomb uncovered. Lu Bian’s body is this very relic and its magic still lingers.
Alliance mail has been sent. If I missed you, I'm sorry! Try to flag me down!
Alongside the letters from the Jade Guard, the Pandaren of Qimeng Simiao are going around, meeting in person with the involved guilds to give information and request aide. If I haven't gotten to you yet, I'll get there. Will hopefully be finished by Tuesday, pending the availability of GMs/Officers within the guilds.
Shadows of Argus is definitely ready. I've been bumping around with a few other people as well.
Night had settled in the farthest reaches of the Shrine of Two Moons. As the sun tucked its weary face behind the mountains of Neverset the Archon busied himself with ink and quill. He scribed delicately on heavy parchment.

To the Horde,

It has come to our attention that a relic of magnificence has been unearthed by Reliquary agents in the farthest reaches of Kun-Lai. A sole survivor was able to escape the tomb to tell a grisly tale. The man spoke of power unimaginable in the body of a dying Mogu. Half flesh, half construct, the beast’s final resting place was full of unbridled power. Our recent excursion with the Warchief has shown that the artifacts of the Mogu are dangerous and wicked. Already scouts have reported that bands of Alliance soldiers have begun their search of the ruins. Banners from the farthest reaches of Azeroth and beyond have started to gather.

It has come to my conclusion that the Horde must be prepared to act. They must be ready to strike out and cut down these Alliance interlopers. Should they retrieve the relic they may unleash a wrath that generations yet unborn shall suffer from. As the Archon of the Sunguard I will stand defiant against such a threat. I will gather my men and fight these impossible odds. I ask to you, brothers and sisters of the Horde to do the same.

Within a fortnight my soldiers will plunder the ruins. I ask for you to raise your banners. Not for glory for there will be none, not for gold and riches for there will be few, but for the safety and betterment of our people. I do not fear the Alliance but I know that even a starving lion still has claws. We must strike them down, we must cast them into perdition. Only then will they know humility and quit this hellish war.

I ask for you to join me brothers. I ask of you to stand with me sisters. I ask of you to raise your swords in hand and fight with all your vigor. And if we must die, then Alliance will perish by the hundreds, nay by the thousands.

Blood and Thunder
Archon Felthier Truefeather, The Dreadnaught of Quel’thalas

After his final signature, the Archon instructed his scribes to make this pamphlet by the hundreds in all languages of the Horde. It was sent to each village to gather the banners of the Horde. Kun-Lai will know blood soon, and our forces will be prepared to fight.
After reading all of the preliminaries, you can rest assure that the Order of the Beast will be there in arms, ready to fight the good fight!

(Send myself a calender invite in-game and I'll toss calender invites to my own people, thanks!)
Moonsong Blackguard will most assuredly be present at the meeting as planned. Qerrathien will be sending one of her council members and her husband to stand in her stead and speak for the house and order.
I'll add you both to the list of folks to hit up IC.
02/11/2013 06:00 AMPosted by Zuchen
I'll add you both to the list of folks to hit up IC.

Kana already told Q and her crew icly.
Won't stop Zuchen from seeking 'em out :P
I can't remember if I requested it before, but the Blackmoon Sentinels can be added to that list. We'll be there.
02/11/2013 07:34 AMPosted by Zuchen
Won't stop Zuchen from seeking 'em out :P

Don't make me put you in your grave, old man!
Updated the guild listing for Alliance. Invites to the event have gone out to Horde guilds that have shown interest.

I would like to see if we can cordinate another OOC meeting prior to the event. However I haven't chosen a day. We would go over similar themes as the previous one and make sure we are calibrated to the expectations of the event itself.
Due to certain personal issues, the Violet Sanctum is going to have to remove itself from these events. Nothing to do with the events, the guilds involved, or anything of that nature. I simply have other commitments I have to take care of first. My personal apologies! We'll catch you on the next one! <3
Due to certain personal issues, the Violet Sanctum is going to have to remove itself from these events. Nothing to do with the events, the guilds involved, or anything of that nature. I simply have other commitments I have to take care of first. My personal apologies! We'll catch you on the next one! <3

Event listing has been updated. I hope everything is well.
Yup! Everything is dandy, I just have things to work out. I hate missing out on RP-PvP though! This is what I play WoW for!
Jade Guard is still hosting the planning event for Kun-Lai Friday the 15th at the Jade Temple at 8pm.
Even though it wasn't my event, on behalf of the Panda's- thanks for coming to the Jade Guard's council. It was great having everyone meet up :D

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