Forming 10 man Raiding guild, need founders.

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Hey guys, I'm making this post because I'm looking to form a 10 man raiding guild. I need people who want to build a guild together. I know there are people out there who are looking to be part of something and with a little dedication I believe we can make a great raiding guild together. So a little about me..well I've been playing WoW since open beta and I've been raiding in WoW off and on for every expansion. I took a break but I'm back and I've always wanted to run a guild so I'm going forward with that.

Now the guild I'm forming is going to be a 10 man raiding guild. We are going to be on the server Illidan(PvP) and as of right now the raid times are up for a vote, we can all vote on that days and hours raiding will be when we have enough people. The guild will be open to everyone though, so we will have a lot of people in the guild doing whatever, pvp, etc. With that being said I hope to hear back from some people who are interested.

I'm looking for experienced players. The guild is going to be for serious raiders only.


The guild name I was thinking about would be <AUX> but we can all decide on it together.
(I know I'm not 90 yet but it doesn't matter because we won't be raiding until the guilds all set up.)
Contact Info:
battle tag: Ace#1232
I have skype too.
I'm interested. I've been raiding since Vanilla with various classes/roles and I've done quite a bit of raid leading. I too have just come back to raid in MoP so I'll be leveling as well. Still debating which class to play(dk, lock, or druid).

I'll look for you in game :)


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