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General Information
Baddies is a semi-hardcore guild with strong roots in some of the top guilds on this server. Our Guild Master has raid led, been an officer of, or been the GM of guilds that have been top tier on this server since early Wrath, with much more raiding history past that. Most recently, he served as the sole officer for many months in Cue the Credits, the #2 and top 200 US guild behind Out of Line during early Cataclysm progression.

All our members are required to show extreme competency in their main spec, and many are expected to be skilled in an offspec.

Raid Times - Sun-Wed 8:00 - 12:00 PM EST (7:00 - 11:00 PM Server Time)

Recruiting -
    -Fury Warrior
    -Affliction Warlock
    -Arcane Mages
    -Any Healer
    -Any other spec/class will be considered with an exceptional application.

Apply Today! - http://www.baddies.org/

If you have any question, hop on Stormreaver US and send a message to:
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Currently Looking For:

Fury Warrior
Affliction Warlock
Arcane Mages
Any Healer
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