Infámous Recruiting A TANK

1/4 Elite Mode TES
6/6 MSV (With access to heroics)
1/6 HOF

About Us
Infámous is a 10 man raiding guild which was created during Cataclysm, currently we are MSV 4/6N, HoF 1/6N & 1/4 Elite Mode ToES.

We are a mature (18+) group of individuals who enjoy our chosen classes and specs and take great pride in being up to date with the latest news concerning our said roles, boss encounters and changes to the game. We have one core team of raiders who show up day in day out for progression and it is something that we greatly enjoy.

What we are looking for :D
We are currently looking for a geared Tank (ilvl 470) class (preferably a Paladin) to help us wrap up normal modes and move to hard-mode progression raiding.
Raid leading skills is a bonus

We raid 9pm-12pm server time every Wednesday, Sunday and occasionally Thursday
We use Mumble and please have a mic

If this sounds like a guild you would like to be a part of we would love to hear from you
Just mail/whisper Thongs or Shraza and we will get a chance for us to get acquainted with one another

Thanks for your time
Interesting Fact
We currently don't have anyone in our group that wears plate.
So if aren't wearing sexy leather like I am, you will be rubbing your sweet !@# in plate gear all night long.
I think youl find a dk would be a better choice i know this top bloke on your realm who would love to tank for you on 1 condition
You dont raid with that noob monk crit do you lol

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