You have got to be kidding me! O.o

10,000 daily quests?

It was difficult enough to get 5000.


I just, can't even imagine . . . .

The people on wowhead are right. This achieve needs some kind of reward or title.

I agree with the suggestion on wowhead, the achieve should be called:

"life, I hardly knew thee"

10,000 daily quests . . . that's disgusting.
Don't try then. Someday you'll find you're approaching 10,000 anyways.
01/08/2013 11:55 AMPosted by Rentrenus
It was difficult enough to get 5000.

Not difficult at all. Time investment =/= difficulty. Just keep playing and eventually you will get it. I'm closing in on the 5k one but I don't have any effs to give about it. I will get it, when I get it.
Then next expansion it will jump to 25k, and the one after up to 50k.
I'm at 9,893.

It's not hard.
The achievement isn't hard to get, just tedious like any other achievement that has XXXX/XXXX complete. They add these achievements for long term purposes, they don't expect people to get these acheivements the first week of an expansion. I am slowly working towards it, now that I am done with all my dailies, I do two 10 second dailies that will slowly... VERY slowly push me to 10k dailies done. Blingtron and Nomi cooking daily :)
If you think 10k dailies is bad, try some of the pet battle stuff... 5k pvp and pve pet battles... I think that is WAYYY worst.
I'm at 8.7k, though I have been playing since BC.
They've had daily quests for over 5 years now. That's only 5 1/2 per day on average. I had it on patch day, after I finished logging on to all of my characters.
If it is something you are trying for, it will feel like forever. If it is something you are doing for cash, cloth, VP/JP, then it comes with the territory. If you do it on alts, and don't overdo it, it won't even feel like a grind.

That being said, I'm still kind of surprised that I have at least 10k daily quests completed.
I'm cata with no level 90 alt, so honestly, getting 5000 dailies achieve was a real thrill for me.

Then that thrill just got killed when I saw the 10,000 one!!!!

But yeah, like you all said, eventuallly . . .
I have the achievement o-o

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