best place to farm undead stone

Pet Battles
I have looted pretty much every stone out there from the dailes and from fighting wild pets. I have looted 1 Flawless(can upgrade anything)
I've also looted 1 magic, mech, elemental, flying, aquatic, critter, 2 human, and 4 beast.

I have yet to come across a undead stone, anyone have any suggestions to which mobs to grind for it? I gotto either upgrade my scourged whelpling(uncommon) or restless shadling(uncommon)
seems like the only fast spawning undeads are lower leveled, the epl grouping. at least they will die fast?

Next best bet is to try to trade for one.

None of the undead are hard to farm the right rare/breed though.
I share your pain. I've had all the stones, some several times over, all except the undead one. And for the love of Azeroth, if you get one upgrade your scourged whelpling first!

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