[A] Brutal Legend is recruiting for raids!

Oh herro!

Brutal Legend is a level 25 guild, and we are recruiting for our 10 man raid group.

We are looking to recruit:
1 Tank
1-2 Healers
2-3 DPS

This raid group is aiming to be made of mature/smart players who don't have a lot of time to play but aim to complete content in an efficient manner. Eventually we would like to support a more hardcore group, as well as a 25 man raid.

This raid group currently raids on Sundays from 7pm-10pm, with the goal of clearing as much content as possible in that short time frame. Future groups will have a more involved raid schedule to support further progression.

If you are interested in raiding with us, or joining the guild in general, feel free to message/mail Tennesseej in game, or post on this thread.

Outside of this raid, we are looking for Leaders for RBGs. Being a Leader in Brutal Legend comes with certain benefits, so if you are interested please get in running a team with the support of an awesome guild, contact us!
Filled a few spots, but we are still looking for moar!
tenn what are u still recruiting me and 3 more other friends are looking for raiding guild, we are all 485+ item level and have up to 3/6 HOF experience
Sent you a private message Zolrac.

Still looking for a tank and a couple healers!
Tenn, still in need of a tank? Item level of only 462, still upgrading and such. I do have some experience in MSV. I am not new to tanking in raids. I have been doing it for a few expansions already. Send me a message in game or whisper me when you have the chance.
Recruiting needs updated
Still looking for more, taking on Heart of Fear tonight!
Couple spots left
Updated info

I'd be interested in joining you all with this Spriest, as I plan on moving her soon to KT. I also have a Survival Hunter who's going to hit 90 tonight I'd like to raid with.

I haven't raided since WoTLK, where I was in a US top 100 guild (Relentless Onslaught), but would like to get back into it.

Message me on Bowlex on KT or respond here if you're interested and still have available spots.

Kolona, I replied to you in game.

Still looking for those last couple spots!

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