Transmoggers! Stormwind Guard set for sale.

This is almost the entire Stormwind guard set of armor as depicted here:

Components as listed below:
    Imperial Plate Helm
    Heavy Mithril Spaulders (Closer match in look to Guard outfit, YMMV with the colour)
    Imperial Plate Chest
    Imperial Plate Bracers
    Imperial Plate Belt
    Imperial Plate Leggings
    Imperial Plate Boots

You will have to find your own choice of weapon and shield, see above link for a useful guide. Please note their is no gauntlets for this set.

Send me an offer via whisper or in-game mail for this "ready to wear" set.
Will craft the set for free if you provide all the materials. Whisper me or send me an in-game mail for the shopping list.

Edited for clarity.

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