Ret pally sustain healing

I gotta admit. I'm having my trouble keeping myself up as ret soloing some wotlk raids lol. It's gonna be pretty nice when our FoL gets buffed.

But yeah. Healing in PvP at all is a waste of globals.
Ok I thought it was me and just some damned spec I didn't take along the way. I was able to stand toe to toe to groups of 3 and four after level 80 it seems my self heals are for crap. What used to heal me completely now I'm lucky it it moves the health 1/4 inch. So why after a certain level does Blizzard choose to cap the heal off and not keep it to the same percentages that I have been used to? I hate dying like I do not know that I am doing.

BLIZZARD this is a bunch of crap!
01/18/2013 01:16 PMPosted by Crono
FoL heals now for 29k - will count as 30k on live. With buffs will be... 33k * 2 with Sword of Light buff it's a self heal of 70k

The SoL buff is actually ~50%, not 70% nor 100%.

2 / 1.3 = 1.538 (so, 53.8%). So yeah.. it would "remove" Battle Fatigue and increase its healing by 7,66% + 25% from PvP Power. So in general, it is just a ~35% buff for FoL past Battle Fatigue (considering that FoL sucks even without BF effects; it heals only ~31k for me outside of CDs/debuffs; so in 5.2 outside of combat it will heal for ~42k, which is still 12% of my life using a spell that cost more than 1/3 of my mana bar that I need ~1.4s to cast), and a 6,25% buff for WoG with pre-5.1 BF (when it was only 15%; and our healing still sucked).

So yeah..

I actually made some suggestions, buffing SoL to 100% - both WoG and FoL, and even adding Sacred Shield and other healing spells by some extend. Reduce FoL mana cost from 37.8% to ~16-22% and reduce our mana regen by ~30-40% (so SoL would give 2% mana/s, instead of 3%/s) together with mana cost from Emancipate, Cleanse, buffs and Seals. More sustained healing, less burst healing. FoL/WoG could also have its formula changed a little bit, so it would scaled less with SP as well.
As a ret EXTREME pillar working to survive is required, if you are not good at LoSing in arena you should stay away from this spec. but currently against a warrior our heals do piss all. But that will be addressed with 5.2 buffs and warrior nerfs. I could say our spot in pvp will be alot better once warriors are nerfed in 5.2 as they are our hard counters atm it seems. Warbringer - shockwaves - mortal strike healing debuff makes surviving against a warrior nearly impossible.

Now i only have 3s experience as a DK this expansion, i've only done 2s on my ret due to how behind this character is in gear compared to other people. But compared to DK our survivability is much much better but that's because of our mobility and our ability to kite behind pillar with freedom + long arm of the law and seal of justice if the situation calls for it. But i believe in 5.2 it should fix most of survivability problems
To clarify, my FoL right now on live heals about 33k (few malev, nothing amazing) on the ptr in same gear, its healing about 56k, which is a decent buff

Right now I'm finding (as much as I hate to say it) the only way we can really survive the enemy team training us, is to take Divine Purpose.
The loss of Holy Avenger hurts our burst so bad, but when we are being hard focused, 1HP WoG spam w/ procs can mean life or death......that being said, its pathetic that we have to lose our burst just for some RNG survivability

Warriors have Defensive Stance, and Death Knights have Blood Presence, we have nothing, all of our passive defensive !@#$ goes directly into Prot passive (wtb Seal of Insight 15% passive damage reduction)

That being said, our burst is relatively strong, but our consistent damage is weak without DP, we are forced to take FoJ to give us what little pressure we can muster, we have 0 peels, and all of our utility talents are available to all Pally specs, which means theres absolutely no reason to risk taking a Retadin, when you can take a Hpally and win
Id like to see this:

Glyph of lay on hands: reduces loh's cd to 5min and the amount healed to 50% of your max hp.

While this glyph wouldnt be a cure all for all of rets problems i think it could go a long way to increasing our ability to survive being while being focused.

I know someone is going to bring up the "blizz dont want mandatory glyphs" argument. But most classes have at least one must have pvp glyph, if not more. For example, glyph of mind spike and mass dispel for spreists or barkskin glyph and lifebloom glyph for resto druids. My point is while that maybe blizz's philosophy it is not how the game worked out. And i would like another good pvp one for ret because as it is now the tv glyph is mandatory simply b/c all the other glyphs are terrible (looking at you inq glyph)
^ LoH cant be used in any rated PvP, so what its point? Random BGs? And Blizzard would respond: "You have Unbreakable Spirit that works the same way, use it."

Even then, LoH is pretty ridiculous atm. We never gonna heal 100% of our life: Battle Fatigue and class specific healing debuffs. At least 70%, if you reduce it to 50% then, is just 35% of our life, i.e. ~130k.

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