[A] Spartans, 25 man recruiting heals and dps

Who We Are

Spartans was formed on 28 November, 2004, by four friends at Michigan State University -- five days after World of Warcraft went live, making Spartans one of the oldest guilds on Dalaran. The MSU mascot is a Spartan warrior and the inspiration for the guild name. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on progression. We are an adult guild comprised of many different types of personalities. We have computer analysts and historians, teachers and military personnel, golf course managers and scientists. Our raiders cover a wide range of ages and backgrounds, and we live all over the United States and Canada (and even Australia!). Many of our raiders have significant others and children, as well as non-WoW related hobbies and adventures. We understand that delicate balance held between real life and raiding.

How We Raid

Spartans raids three nights a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday from 7:45-11 pm EST. We currently raid both 25 man normal and flex raid content, with 25 man raiding taking up most of our raiding time. We raid in an organized, controlled manner; we try to minimize randomness or disorder so that everyone can focus on the task at hand. We raid with a set team, meaning that most of our raiders are scheduled to the same raid days every week. This helps to keep the raiding team consistent to promote progression, and it enables raiders to work around a set schedule. We aim to provide a relaxing raiding environment; however, we take raiding seriously, and expect our raiders to take it seriously as well. We don’t yell or berate raiders, but we do point out mistakes and push our raiders to excel. Raids aren’t the time for idle chat, and we keep vent quiet to prevent distractions and promote focus and attention.

What you can expect from us:

•We will treat you with respect
•We will begin raids on time, or, in an extreme situation, we will keep the group informed about what’s happening, what’s holding us back, and when we plan to start
•We will end raids on time. In special circumstances, we may do one attempt after 11, but we will not force you to stay if you need to leave
•We will be understanding of real life situations and emergencies. Family and careers are more important than the raid
•We will adhere to our loot rules and distribute loot fairly, and we will handle disputes in an unbiased way, regardless of rank or tenure
•We will provide feasts for most raids
•We will critique performance and gearing choices in a respectful manner
•We will explain strategies on forums and before fights in vent. We will listen to suggestions made through the appropriate channels and incorporate them into our current strategies if they make sense
•We will not censor guild chat. We are an adult guild and understand adult conversation. We will, however, stop very offensive or abusive chat
•We will always listen to your complaints and will try to understand where you’re coming from. We may not always agree with you, and we may not give you the answer you want, but we will listen and try to come up with a solution that solves the problem in a way that is in the guild’s best interest

What we will expect from you:

•You will treat others with respect and courtesy, both in guild and out. You wear our tag, and as such you represent our guild
•You will show up on time for raids, and if you are not able to, you will alert an officer in advance
•You will alert us in advance if a real life event conflicts with a scheduled raid so that we can find a replacement for you
•You will come to raids prepared with buff food, flasks, and potions
•You will listen during raids, and you will perform any raiding task asked of you by raid leaders, even if it impacts your dps
•You will gem and enchant with the highest quality gems and enchants available
•You will keep up with changes to your class, and reforge/re-gem appropriately
•You will accept criticism calmly
•You will read and understand our loot policy. You will not throw a tantrum about loot. If you have an issue, you will bring it up calmly and in a timely manner
•You will address complaints to the officers maturely and politely, and then give them time to fully understand the problem and find a solution
•You will behave appropriately in guild chat and in vent. We are an adult guild, and as such, expect the guild to act like adults

Current recruitment needs:

We are looking for a dps and a few healers. We're willing to work with undergeared/underexperienced players, as long as you're willing to work with us. Come join the fun! For more information, please visit Spartans.guildportal.com, or talk to Bryhn, Kyrisin, or Marthazon in game.
bump from a guildy of long ago.
Darlough! Nice to see you again :) I hope things are going well for you.

We're still looking for a few more dps or healers (or both!) We're willing to work with you if you're not experienced with raiding, as long as you'll put in the effort to learn and are willing to take constructive criticism. Come see what all the fuss is about with 25 man raiding! It's a crazy madhouse over here, and we have a lot of fun. We'd love to add a few more to our crazy, fun family.
Spartans is in need of a few more dps to round out our 25 man raid team. We're currently full on mages and ret pallies; however, all exceptional applications will be considered. Our focus is on maintaining a balance between real life and raiding, while still working efficiently to get things done within the raid time we have. Come see why so many of us have been with Spartans from the very beginning!
Go Green!...
I'd love to join you guys eventually....just started on a different server on Friday. None of my old friends play WoW anymore and looking for a new group of people to play with.
Being from Michigan and a Wolverine fan, I just can't see joining the Spartans ( I think it's even prohibited in the Michigan Constitution).


Seriously though, I'm actually in need of a Morning/early afternoon raiding guild. I used to pug with 3rd watch a lot back in Wrath. They have since went away from the morning raids.
Bumping because, even though you're a rival guild - you guys are a classy bunch.
Spartans is currently looking for a few solid healers and potentially a dps or two. We're willing to work with you if you're under-geared or under-experienced, as long as you're willing to work with us. We raid Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7:45-11pm EST in the 25 man raid format. For the next few weeks we'll also be working through flex raids. Visit Spartans.guildportal.com for more information or to apply, or talk to Bryhn, Kyrisin, or Marthazon in game.
Invoking Crow; Bump for great justice!

Spartans are good folks, so happy to see you guys still kicking! :) Not sure I'd commit to a raid schedule but I may transfer my characters back. I don't play the rogue much anymore - but heal on my Shaman and punch things with my Monk.

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