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Okay, so a couple weeks ago I was reading some stuff Ghostcrawler said about Ret paladins and it really irritated me, and yesterday I came across that post again and now I decided to make a forum about it to see if anyone agrees.

This was posted by someone on Twitter
"Retribution paladins burst is high but sustain damage is low compared to other classes, any chance on a buff on sustain dps?"

and this is Ghostcrawlers reply
"This is common feedback, but not sure how to fix. Wings to 10% or a 5 min timer? Ick?"

Im irritated because you see Ghostcrawlers wants to nerf our burst, it confuses me because our dps isnt exactly OP compared to some of these other classes. Warriors,Hunters,Warlocks etc. Of course we can burst ppl down within seconds but any other class can do that as well, why should we suffer from a burst nerf?
01/14/2013 04:30 AMPosted by Tuslaw
Im irritated because you see Ghostcrawlers wants to nerf our burst,

No, he wants to specifically not do that. That's why he said "not sure how to fix", and "ick" to the idea of gutting Wings.

The problem is, a buff to sustained is also a buff to burst, and general opinion seems to be that our burst is already fine, arguably even too high. To buff sustained without increasing burst too, they'd have to nerf some of our burst abilities to compensate. Hence the talk of making Wings weaker. (Personally, I'd prefer to see that targeted at GoAK; it doesn't have to melee hard AND buff strength AND explode at the end to still be a decent cooldown IMO. Removing HoW from Wings would also work, and would let it become a non-awful execute again.) But it's difficult to fit a nuanced discussion of that into Twitter message length limits.
Since we are "where we should be" that means they don't want to buff any of our damage output, so asking for a sustained buff would mean needing to gut our burst to equal it out so its all the same in the end.

Rather or not we are where we should be is a matter of opinion, but the devs think we are.

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