Reforging for... questing

Hey, so Mr. Robot sells me to reforge all into hit and exp and I'm sure thats the best thing for actually running dungeons but what about for just solo questing? Is hit and exp still as important? Or should I just reforge my stuff into haste?


PS: Yes, I know reforging isnt important for questing.
When questing you're the one in front of the mobs so you get parried, making expertise significantly more valuable for questing, but it's just not really worth significant stat reforging as you level.
You do need less hit and expertise to hit same-level mobs, though, so they will cap slightly earlier.

But yeah, unless you really want to min-max I wouldn't worry about it unless you end up with like 10% hit or something. Maybe just reforge the blue items.
It actually works out pretty well. When you're dodge-capped against dungeon bosses 2 levels above, you're parry-capped for like-level mobs, so the same reforge works pretty well for both dungeons and quests.

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