Tuesday Question: Transmogrification Nation

With the tsunami of changes that came with patch 4.3, nothing has been more wholeheartedly embraced by the WoW community as much as transmogrification (shortened here to "mogging" because your authour is lazy). Mogging means you can take an item and alter its appearance with another, similar item and use that appearance, without changing the stats of the transmogged item. Subject to rules, of course, with some items deemed "too silly" to transmog, and others now plucked from obscurity and being pursued with a fervor not seen outside of PVP and some of the more dangerous cults. And with this change has come a way of thinking that goes beyond the aesthetic, and into a whole new level of clever.

Talking with moggers around Saurfang, their reasons for choosing what they are wearing seem to be divided sharply along PVE and PVP lines, with PVEers finding what they like the look of the most, usually within the restraints of their budgets or time, and sticking with it, while PVPers use transmogging as a genuine strategy on the battlefield, with the intention of misleading an ill-prepared enemy into thinking they have poor gear, then giving said enemy a genuinely nasty surprise upon engagement. One particular 'mogger saying to me that as a squishy caster, or any ranged class for that matter, it does not pay to stand out, as it makes you a more attractive target with your shiny robes of awesomeness and Apostle of Argus mogged staff. I can see the logic of this, and as I am not a PVPer, it's something that I will just have to take their word for.

In the wider community too, there are scores of fan sites devoted, some exclusively, to transmogging. Seemingly overnight they cropped up, analysing every piece of armor and every weapon, every pair of boots, every off hand item, nothing escapes scrutiny, and looking around for the mog look that is right for you, makes for probably the most bizarre form of window shopping your humble authour has ever experienced.

Without doubt, I am a card-carrying citizen of Transmogrificaton Nation, having devoted considerable time and resources getting my main and all my alts "mogged up". Mostly sets that were available to be crafted on one of my alts or another, and most, but not all, were fairly easy or inexpensive to make (My Paladin's mog set was a pig to make, my Monk's DPS set took some farming too). Torchsong here is a work in progress. Having said that, I am constantly now on the lookout for better sets to make or hunt down, and would love to hear suggestions from you, the reader as to how I can make my hunter look pretty fly (for a Draenei).

I guess the last word on this matter, goes to Keydar, creator of the brilliant Dark Legacy Comics, who once envisioned this terrifying scenario: http://www.darklegacycomics.com/364.html

So are you 'mogging mad? Or 'mogging meh? Are you waiting for the right look to come along or have you jumped into 'mogging feet first?

Tell us your story.
I CAN SEE YOUR SNATCH BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh damn I look sexy.

I wish I had legs like our Potato up there. I could totally pull off her look as well.
I'm obsessed with transmogging! If only I had more bag/bank/void space...

Here are some of my favourites:
http://i.imgur.com/XSBiXMh.jpg (this is one of my alts)
01/19/2013 04:35 PMPosted by Tyranea

Was looking for something like that for my priest's healing set. Nice!

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