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Hi, I am posting in regards to the guild chat area of this wonderful app. I am having an issue when I try to go online or use the guild chat function it tries loading and making me online, but after a few seconds, an error box pops up.

Chat Connection Error: This World of Warcraft account is locked, banned, suspended, or under review. This feature cannot be used until any outstanding issues are resolved.

As you know, since I can post on the forums, play in-game, and use the app offline, none of these errors are correct. I have tried logging out and back in, and no progress has been made. This is the second day of this issue.


EDIT: It no longer allows me to use the Remote Auction house. It states that my account is not active.
This looks to be an account Pending status issue. If your WoW subscription recurs today, then it will cause this bug. It should resolve after the subscription is finished recurring.

Good news is that this bug will be hotfixed very soon.
I'm on annual pass and this still happens to me.
01/17/2013 09:22 AMPosted by Nitro
I'm on annual pass and this still happens to me.

How often?
What would you recommend I use since I can no longer use Chat on WOW / Bloodhoof?

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