Questions regarding spec and heal selection

hey guys some people have suggesting that I try different things

I currently average about 45-47K on a fight like guardians and Im looking for tips that will give me a solid 50k average.

1. Someone suggested that I can use Holy avenger + eternal flame to Hot up a large portion of the raid. but My healing dropped nearly 15k+ doing this. am i doing it wrong. or was I lied too?

2. I'm currently in love with Holy avenger, because I have found that I can line up CDs with it easier. Please convince me why its not a good pic. If it Is then please share tips on being more effective.

3. Whats a better filler heal A. Holy light or B. a Holy shock 1 HP LOD combo?
Which is more efficient?

4. Im still struggling with taking eternal flame, selfless healer or sacred shield. please convince me on which is better.

5. Im struggle with glyphs also. it seems there is no clear all out winner despite what the guides say.

6. and Finally How is my gemming and how would you fix me? I have used MR robot in the past but some have suggested that MR robot is a lair. please discuss
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would need to see logs to offer any real suggestions....alot of HPS will depend on the amount of damage your raid takes and the other heals in your group.

I have been as high as 75k on Stone Gaurd and as low as mid 40s.

as far a your stat priority...I greatly prefer mastery over haste...more throughput on the casts you make instead of more casts over the fight (assuming you never stop casting) mastery build is more HPM.

If you are using the EF blanketing need to maximize holy power generation. On fights where I am going to be using that start....I try to generate Holy Power with every single cast I make, even going to the extent of casting holy radiance over holy light...I will generally target a mdps with it to attempt to maximize its healing potential. With that being said...that one HR cast now turn HS into an AOE plus generates Holy power to use on EF....I have used both the PVP 4pc and the PVE 4pc with nice results.
I don't have any solid numbers for you so take my advice with a grain of salt. But without the t14 4p Holy Avenger loses potential. With the 4p you can generate 3 holy power every 4 seconds instantly, use EF or LoD, cast Divine Light on the beacon or a Holy Radiance for another 3 HP spell and with a little bit of haste you can chain 3 holy power spells every other GCD. A paladin buddy of mine prefers to use Divine Purpose since he has no 4p and it would limit the potential of that talent, as well as the random procs can chain up to 7 times in a row if you're lucky so you end up saving a significant amount of mana in the process.

As the poster above mentioned your overall healing will be determined by how much damage your raid takes, on nights where we had fresh 90's tanking I would spike as high as 70-80k and end up sustaining it due to the damage going out. Other nights with when attendance wasn't an issue healing wouldnt be needed as much and I would be bored sitting at 40k.

As for filler heals, always holy shock on cooldown, for light periods of random damage, or tank damage use surgical heals with holy light, if you end up with an Infusion of Light proc you can gain additional holy power by using the increased haste on Divine Light to heal the beaconed raid member. If the raid is taking damage or 3+ people close to each other cast a Holy Radiance followed by a Holy Shock for 2 holy power and 2 powerful heals.
(Keep in mind the buff applied to holy shock after casting holy radiance splits the healing among close by raid members, so if there are none near the target it will heal the target for twice the amount of the holy shock, slightly staggered)

Selfless healer is a fairly weak talent for PvE, it requires you to waste a GCD three times, costs you extra mana and will go to waste if you dont actually use the empowered flash of light. Sacred shield is situational, on high tank damage fights or fights such as Gara'jal in MSV where avoiding damage benefits the whole raid, the absorb shield is incredibly useful. In almost every situation EF is the best choice since it adds a periodic component to your WoG, which can crit. Each tick applies your mastery to the target as well as refreshes it so if the target doesnt take damage for 15 seconds it wont fall off. On top of that 50% of all EF periodic healing is transferred to the beacon giving you a steady stream of incoming heals on that target.

In MoP no one glyph is supposed to be overall better than the rest. Everything is situational now. I highly recommend Protector of the Innocent, it's free self healing and won't set you back if it overheals. Beacon of Light is useful if you need to switch targets often and frequently without losing GCD's on it. Flash of Light makes the spell more efficient, and if you need to use the spell in the first place odds are the 10% bonus to the following heal will be helpful (its also a great glyph to use on Tsulong). Divine plea is okay, it substitutes the 9 seconds of -50% healing for 5 seconds of hard casting. It's particularly useful for fights that have a transition of 5 seconds but it also scales with haste allowing it to fall closer to 3.5 seconds as your haste builds. And I usually run with glyph of divinity, with a 10 min CD you will only use LoH once anyway so you might as well get 30k mana out of it. If the fight is going smoothly and you dont need the emergency heal you can use it on a tank to apply the full effect of your mastery instantly and gain 30k mana!

As for your gemming, replace anything without spirit to having spirit. The more spirit you have the better, small amounts of intellect are not worth the same as the double spirit you would get. For blue sockets, straight spirit. Yellow use spirit mastery gems and for red use int/spirit gems. Most of your int should come from gear and socket bonuses and not gems.

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