[A]<Strife>(6/12) recruiting for 10 mans

Who we are:
<Strife> Was originally formed on Horde side Korgath in late DS (known as <I I I>). In just two weeks we went from forming the guild to getting a full guild run of 2/8 Heroic DS. Shortly after that ourselves and a few other members decided to see how the "other side" lives. Once on alliance side the guild was named <Primatum> as we waited the 60 days for <I I I> to become avaliable once again. We finally decided on <Strife> and have been awesome ever since.

We want to progress:
Our raid schedule is only 3 hours per night for 3 days per week. That means we expect our raiders to show up on time, know the fights that we are progressing on, know their class, have all their consumables ready, and most importantly FOCUS. 3 hours is not a long time and there will be breaks in between for bio/smoke/whatever, but we ask that while we are raiding you bring your game face. No one likes wiping on the same boss because the same person saw that same butterfly and had to go afk to chase it.

Our Schedule:
Tuesday 8:00-11:00 ST
Thursday 8:00-11:00 ST
Sunday 8:00-11:00 ST

We expect our raiders to:
Be consistent and dependable. Invites go out 15 minutes prior to the raid, the start time is when we will be making our first pull. We understand that RL > WoW, but in the same breath, 9 other people have made time in their lives to commit to this group. If you cannot commit 9 hours a week in 3 hour intervals, this is not the place for you. In order to progress we are in need of consistency.
Be polite and courteous: No, you do not have to be best friends with everyone in the guild or even the raid team. You do, however; need to be polite. Wipes will happen, its part of the game, and an even bigger part of progression. If there is an issue with one specific person, the raid leader sees it. It will be handled in a private and non-demeaning manner. In the history of wow, not one boss has ever died faster because someone publicly humiliated another raider.
Be knowledgeable: Whether it be the fight, your class, your spec, your role, or even your rotation. We are not here to babysit anyone and teach them their class. Do your research, practice your rotation on dummys or in heroics/lfr, we need everyone to be the best that their class/gear will allow.

How we loot:
Loot is divided and given to the person that it would benefit the RAID most. That means, if you constantly show up late or go afk, do a mediocre job during the raid, don't try to improve your gear outside of raiding (valor cap for item upgrades/rep gear/LFR), then don't expect to be first on the list for any upgrade.

We use Mumble as our primary VoIP. If you do not have it, you are expected to download it and configure everything PRIOR to the first raid. If you need help with mumble (it can be confusing for first time users) do not be afraid to ask, but do not ask when we are 3 bosses into a raid.

What we provide:
While raiding with <Strife> your flasks and food are covered! Along with that, your upgrades for raid will be gemmed and enchanted from the guild bank. Guild Repairs are also open to raiders. The only thing we ask you provide is potions for pre potting and potting mid fight.

Our current needs are:
1 Resto Druid or 1 Disc Priest

Although skill>gear please be at least 495 (prefer higher) EQUIPPED in your raiding spec without any pvp gear, and have "decent" progression. That way you can jump straight into raids without hampering progress.

Extracurricular Activities
Here at <Strife> not only do we raid but we do lots of other activities as well. We will be putting together a Challenge Mode group for those that want to race the clock for some amazing looking transmog. We also pvp and would be interested in getting a full guild RBG team together, but is not a priority at this time.

Contact info:
Raid Leader: Haytred (Haytred#1922)
Guild Master: Genetic (Daun#1452)
Officers: Kalvon, Ruffadiddle
Or visit: www.Strife-Korgath.com

If you feel like you would be a good fit with us but we aren't in need of your role currently, feel free to drop in an application anyway. We will evaluate it and make our decision based upon past raiding exp, maturity, and a few other factors. Our raid spots are earned, not given.
Updated our current needs
Updated our needs and progression
more updates = more bumps
What is your raid schedule? I can raid Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Willing to faction transfer if schedule match.

Thanks Gaz
If you could raid Thursday instead of Friday that would be great add me on btag (Haytred#1922) and we can discuss options
Updated our needs and our raid times
Edited our needs, come on DKs and Hunters, where all my FoTM classes at!?!?!

*edit: yes I know the FoTM was posted from a warrior but at least this has been my main since wrath :P
lets see a dk!
groundhog day bump
Lets see some healers
Updated recruitment
updated recruitment
updated recruitment where are all the hunters at?!?
Still looking for a hunter
Lets find us a healer!

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