No Escape ((OOC/Sign Ups)) #2

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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/happy bounce

This is going to be great ^^
Sorry I wasn't able to post prior to this, I was at MEPS.

I"m all for continuing the thread.

I hated MEPS with a fiery passion. Only bonus was getting out of school for the few times I had to go.
XD I hate MEPS too. And I may have to go again in the near future. At least I get free food out of it though.
I celebrated leaving MEPS and then realized I was leaving MEPS to go to Fort Benning, Georgia in the middle of the summer.
Sounds like good times were had
Sorry for the delay, it's my birthday this week and I've been busy going out with friends and family.

I'll have a fresh IC post up later today and we'll see who tags along. Thanks for being so cool about the weeks-long gap in the RP guys!

Oh and anyone who wants to sign up a new character can.


Here is a link to the old OOC thread's post with the rules and sign-up sheet and whatnot:
((this is Erani by the way))

Name: Rysill (AKA: Reli)

Gender: Female

Race: Draenei

Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.): Ebon blade

Class: Death Knight

Appearance (physical appearance and clothing): She is very thin and not a good thin
either. Sickly thin. Her cheekbones are a bit pronounced and beneath her robes, her ribs would be visible. It makes her look deceivingly weak but she is not nearly as frail as she looks. She is a relatively short Draenei by her race's standards standing just below 7 feet. She's usually clothed in the typical black garb of her own kind. What's visible of her skin is a pale grayish-white and cool to the touch, body heat having eluded her long ago. Normally, she keeps her hood up, making her face hard to see save for her icy blue eyes, which glow intensely from behind the shade of her cowl, and a few whisps of snowy white hair may flow from beneath it. Her horns are a bit small and curved back, similar to that of a ram. Beneath her robes, she bears stitching down the center of her chest where her heart was torn out. Unpleasant scars can also be seen all over her person from the grusome torture she endured before her death.

Personality: When she is around others she is distant and apathetic. She seldom smiles and she does not betray anger or sadness easily. She instead carries a flat expression and speaks in a quiet tone, still bearing the harsh echo that plagues all Death Knight speech. This can lead others to believe she is emotionless but she is not. She simply has a great deal of difficulty physically expressing any type of emotion. She is very gentle surprisingly kind, and even a bit shy. She avoids direct eye contact with others and always hides beneath her hood.

Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): None that I know of as of yet

Short Bio: A former paladin and adventurer. She went exploring in the Eastern Kingdoms and made a wrong turn at the Eastern Plaguelands leading to her capture and eventual gruesome demise. In life, her name was Reli. She renamed herself "Rysill" when she was raised as a death knight. It was the result of the memory of her true name being all but a blur and "Rysill" was the closest she could get.
She was freed at the fall of the Lich King and has recovered almost all of her memories since then. However, she goes to great lengths to avoid other Draenei, except for Erani, for obvious reasons.
I've been hella busy with funerals, working out and debating whether or not to deploy this summer or not. I checked every day for new posts, but I kept plenty busy.
Sweet, I've taken stock and we seem to have lost a surprisingly few people. I'm writing my post now, and I'm giggling as I do because I get to introduce one of my very favorite characters that I never really got to RP fully.

BHA veterans may groan... *steeples fingers evilly*
BHA veterans may groan... *steeples fingers evilly*

Oh I worry.
Huh. Wonder if anyone's going to start another Academy-type thread at some point.
01/17/2013 05:26 PMPosted by Einherrjar
Academy-type thread

>>? What is that, exactly...?
A thread in which all of the posters are either students or teachers in an academy somewhere. Similar to BHA.
I used to be in BHA when Lia was still a Blood elf. Good times...good times...

Also i have a vodoo mask :D (This be the Priest version of Lia)
Ok my post for the people at the pit is up. I'm working on a post for the others.

Arrenn, since you're in an awkward situation, you can either post that you followed them down, or you can tell me who you want to interact with: Gareth and Setra or Elise. let me know. :>
Oh goodness, BHA was good fun... and weird... very weird >_>

I'm gonna' read and want to see who Silv brought in! While debating which character of my own to bring in.

EDIT: Bitzy?! I was honestly expecting maybe Lane or even Cruxi!
Oh goodness, BHA was good fun... and weird... very weird >_>

I'm gonna' read and want to see who Silv brought in! While debating which character of my own to bring in.

So very, very weird. Delightfully so.

EDIT: Yes, Bitzy. I love that little pistachio.
To your post Silv, we just have our toons say their choice to Bitzy, correct? And also, hunters do have their pets again right?

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