No Escape ((OOC/Sign Ups)) #2

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Only post I can make is reinforcing Maj's pitiful state - even with the anti-venom, she probably won''t be walking on her own power....
posted hope Dalf didn't lay it on too thick for Elise:P
Alright, posted! Sorry if it's crappy, I had to rush it!

I'll be back later and I'll post then!

I will post a sign up for another new character.
Name: Arayssaelia “Aray” or “Sae” Moonbreeze

Gender: Female

Race: Night Elf/Kaldorei

Affiliation (Horde, Alliance, None, etc.): Alliance

Class: Hunter

Appearance (physical appearance and clothing): Arayssaelia has silver eyes, pinkish purple skin, and long, loose dark blue hair. She's tall, anmd well muscled, especially in her arms.

Personality: Arayssaelia is very stubborn and can’t be influenced. It’s good because it makes her very hard if not impossible to corrupt, but it’s also bad because she will argue with other people about anything and almost always refuse to bend. She doesn’t like to be told what to do either. Generally she doesn’t do well in situations where she has to take orders from others. But Arayssaelia is incredibly loyal to her friends and will fight to the death if they or her relatives are harmed or in danger. She is fierce in battle, but her mercy depends on person to person. If you are just some person ordered to fight in battle against her she may spare your life or make your death quick, clean, and honorable. But if you threaten her or those she cares about, your death will be exceedingly slow and painful.

Special skills (optional, but note anything special you feel we should know about): None really.

Short Bio: Arayssaelia grew up primarily raised by her mother seeing as her father was a druid in the Emerald Dream much of her life. Her mother tried her best to keep Arayssaelia disciplined and calm, but Arayssaelia was always off exploring the world around her or being wild. Arayssaelia’s mother tried to get Arayssaelia to be a Sentinel, hoping that would instill some discipline, but Arayssaelia could never be influenced to go one way or another, and instead forged her own path, choosing to train as a hunter and live on her own in the woods, as sort of a nomad.
gonna post as both Erani and Rysill
Bleh, I'm no good at lengthy posts, but I did try to make them longer.
Is Bloods still around for this?
D: I dunno
I think bloods left.

Note: I'm going to be gone for the weekend. I'll bring my laptop but I'm not making any promises to post regularly. Feel free to God-mod as needed.
Back! I'll catch up, read, and maybe tweak my earlier post a bit. Won't change anything to effect your toons/what they said or did, but to make myself feel better about what I wrote.
And posted! Look what you made Nek do, just shout at more people. She might just have a mental breakdown soon from all these strangers!
We broke Nek.

Oh dear.
Posted! I was lucky today!
I unexpectedly ended up having to work ALL DAY today. Now that I'm home I'm pretty bushed, so I'll for sure get a post up tomorrow after I get off work in the afternoon.

Great posting so far, everyone!
Could you look at my sign up?
Egh, I'll get a post up. I had a seventeen hour day of funerals yesterday. Exhausting stuff.
I are here!

I have midterms this week... So Idk if I'll be able to post.

Midterms... And riding lessons ^_^

But yeah, Maybe I should go read IC now.

I could wait until you post.

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