"Remove flying mounts"middle ground solution?

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01/18/2013 09:05 AMPosted by Besh
I am merely suggesting a COMPROMISE for the people complaining about flying being in the game

There already is a compromise in place, those that do not like flying can simply not fly!
the only problem with people flying away during pvp is druids. make all mounting instant speed, and gathering stuff doesn't dismount you. make everything equal, everyone would be happy. except druids and monks who would lose that benefit, but it's nt that bad on druids, and monks (tanks at least) need to be losing a LOT anyway. win :D
Here's some middle ground, gain willpower superior to a kid in a candy store and don't use them if you don't like them.

But that's not what the argument here is is it?

"Play my way so I can have more fun, even if your way is optional"

"Remove what others enjoy...it would please me"

I just summarized almost every anti-flying post.

At least for most of you stop buying flying mounts from the bliz store, it makes you look like an idiot with every word typed in these threads.
I'm not going to include clarification in my comments on things that are obvious. If we all did that, every post would be a novel in length and threads would be beyond tedious to read. And I'm not saying it's obvious because I'm the one that wrote it, I'm saying that because it is obvious. Why would I, or anyone else, imply the removal of the current system unless specifically stated? That's rhetorical... I'm done "clarifying" things.

This is why you stay in school and learn how to communicate with people. You don't need a novel to state your ideas. If you have a point and people don't "get it", it's not because they can't read or they're dumb, it's only because your writing failed.

See GC's twitter for "how 2 say stuff with less than 255 chars" (or whatever the limit is - I don't twit).
And now, some simple words of Wisdom

"if you don't like flying, don't fly"

"if you don't like getting ganked and having the person fly away, don't play on a PVP server"

"If druids offend you, roll DK or hunter and knock them down"

"If you want to touch my beard, get in line"

"If you think I'm sexy, drop me a line"

"Unless your paying your wow account, shush and quit cryin"
Yeah let's just toss all the work the graphic designers did to update Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms to be appropriate for flying. Their work isn't important.

Let's ground everyone and make us waste time in this game even more.

Terrible idea. Terrible threads.
01/18/2013 08:18 AMPosted by Ravas
Whaaaaaat... Why do we need a solution for flying? WTF is with these topics people are making where flying suddenly became some kind of problem?

This. I swear.

If people don't like flying, the solution is simple: DON'T FLY.

Are you gunna turn this game into RUNESCAPE.

Look what happened to runescape when they decided to "Update" stuff. They lost most of their user base, and the game has gone to shambles.
There's no way around it. All these "no fly" people are merely one of two kind. Rose-Colored Glasses Syndrome or "World PvP" agendists.

And "World PvP" is nothing but code for griefing/ganking.

None of you are even intellecually honest enough to admit it.
And while we are adding a cooldown timer to flying, why not go ahead and add a 10-15 day armor repair cooldown? You do a raid or dungeon, or anything really, and it takes 10-15 days for your armor to be fully repaired. Doesnt that just sound stupid? Same as removing flying sounds stupid.
Immersion I say.....I say 'Cause they need Immersion son! Git off that flyin' mount and stand here and clap at um when they ride by, so they can git Immersed! Don't matter if you was havin' fun. You don't count no how no way!
What counts is ...wait a minute, look here see that tree. look at it. That's how you git immersed. yep, Ok, nuff of that. Now ride your horse up and down this here road. Of course you can't go anywhere cause they keep knockin' you down, that's how they git immersed. Pay attention son and quit lookin' at the tree. Ok now, Just sit there till they git tired of knockin' you down. You're gittin' it! You're gittin' it! See now ain't that fuuuuun. What! you don't like it? That's just 'cause you're spoilt that's all.


Seriously though, If enough people on a server hate flying, they should have no problem getting together and playing on the ground. You can pvp/gank or what ever else you want to do till your little heart is content.

If there aren't enough people to do this on your server, then maybe you need to change servers. If no servers have enough that are interested, then I guess it's not needed at all.
Since when did people start getting butthurt over flying mounts?

i think you are a couple of expansions late to explain, Kiddy.
Flying mounts will not be removed. End. Of. Story.

BC, Wrath, Cataclysm, AND Mists are all built around the theory of flying. You can not reach certain places without it.

Cataclysm would be a cataclysm if they removed flying. Deepholm? Would be a complete nightmare.

Not happening. Blizzard would never do it as they have spent so much money developing a game that is designed for flying.
01/18/2013 08:23 AMPosted by Judgernaught
Not this again.
Either have flying or don't... more likely don't. fatigue is a really bad idea imo.
Not this again.

Cute, but when a dev tells the world he dislikes a feature it opens up this discussion.

If you're tired of it tough, it's on you.


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