"Remove flying mounts"middle ground solution?

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You have flying in the main parts of the world, you don't have flying in certain other parts.

(starter zones after BC, island quest hub locations like Quel Danis, tol barad, firelands, and now the new one)

The only thing they MIGHT want to impliment, are certain 'off' zones, which are the result of a worldboss. I could see that happening, but not for any other reason.
That's one of the things that's help this game keep people in. You don't have to bend over backwards, jump through a million hoops which require months of work, and own a castle or some crap to have a flying mount.
The main issue with flying mounts seems to be people bypassing threats on the ground. Instead of dealing with mobs, cliffs, the gaping maws of old gods, etc etc. people mount up and fly over them. So if avoiding threats is the issue, put some threats in the air.

Overhead creatures would have the same aggro radius as ground mobs, so it's not a matter of them swooping down on you any more than a group of elites being in plain sight of you and not aggroing. WoW doesn't use line-of-sight aggro like some FPS games, but an aggro radius based on level.

3D Environment:
Occulus made some people curl up and cry. Some people just don't function well trying to move in a virtual 3D space. Some people can't move out of fire in what could be considered a 2D environment. If someone decides to lift off on a flying mount then they've intentionally put themselves into a full 3D environment. Having threats to navigate through in a 3D environment can easily be avoided by staying on the ground.

Mounts as killable things:
When something "knocks you off your mount", it could just as easily be thought of as your mount dying or being crippled from damage. Adding an animation when dismounted of your mount folding over in a dramatic death sequence would add a nice RP touch I think. Just because your character is level 90 and has faced the Old Gods themselves, that doesn't mean that your flying gryphon or skeletal dragon has the same potential and ability to soak up damage.

Now I'm not saying permadeath for mounts, but even having to rez your mount like we do our Battle Pets would be a nice touch. But at the very least a nice death animation for a dismount would really drive home the whole "mounts are not actually an extension of your character" concept.

Threats in the air:
Flying mobs like giant buzzards, dragons, air elementals
Natural hazards like lightning, whirlwinds, floating void zones of death
On PvP realms there may be the occasional slow-falling PvPer trying to shoot someone
Threats in the air:
Flying mobs like giant buzzards, dragons, air elementals
Natural hazards like lightning, whirlwinds, floating void zones of death
On PvP realms there may be the occasional slow-falling PvPer trying to shoot someone

This could be a good idea, since I seldom pay attention once I fly up in the air. (Yes, I admit it. Guilty as charged.)
Filed in the "stupid idea" section of the garbage bin, alongside "Blizz should sell gold" and "add a RMAH".
Actually if you guys really want to bring back world pvp; then pvp gear and all the other junk has to go. End of story. No one wants to get ganked and camped. Others want to gank and camp. This is a no win situation.

There will never be the world epic pvp battles when this game started. Back then anything level 10 and up participated. This will never happen again. So people might as well get over it. The moment Blizzard put pvp gear and all the other things into this game it was done, never to return.

I know most of you don't believe that, but it is the truth. Pvp will never be what is was meant to be in the beginning. In the beginning fights would just break out where ever. But as long as people can be one shotted and camped; people will do anything to avoid that, if they can.
If you don't want a flying mount, no one is holding a gun on you, forcing you to use one.

But keep your filthy hands off my flying mounts. I plan on using them.
The best solution to the flying problem is to have a 5 to 10 min cd after entering combat with another player. That would cut down on the greifing and camping by a fair margin I would think. People can still fly at will just not be able to run like little !@#$%es and will be stuck on the ground for w person to call for help. Its a fair middle ground I think.
On PVE server, I couldn't care less for WorldPVP. So why would I have to be forced into using ground mounts?

Another fail like Tol Barad?
01/19/2013 06:33 AMPosted by Neckkutter
The best solution to the flying problem

There is no problem with flying, there fore no solution is needed!
many parts of the land are un reachable without flying
Just an idea that popped into my head, I don't claim it's the best idea, but it could possibly be a middle ground between the "remove flying mounts" and the "keep flying mounts" contingents.

Does this solution make everyone happy? I doubt it, but it seems like a good place to start anyways...feedback?

I am sorry but what popped into your head is not something I am interested in. I already have a problem with the CRZ's, so much so, I refuse to level a character through questing. I left my previous realm to get away from the constant ganking on low levels. I just want to quest and be left alone, not spend hour’s running back from a grave site. I find that extremely counterproductive. Yes, I could also get on my main to take care of the problem, but the person won't be there when I log over.

Yes, I took a free transfer off the realm to another rppvp realm. I refuse to spend $300.00 to transfer to a normal realm; I can't afford it for one and it just plain waste of money in the 2nd. To give your kind another reason to make the game suck even more is not something I am remotely interested in. I would not mind if I could use heirloom that I purchased to level characters on a normal realm, but I am not sure that all the issues have been fixed on non-pvp realms yet. If not, then even doing this is not an option.

No, taking flying out or even restricting it would surely make a lot people leave the game. It is bad enough that Blizzard themselves continues to deliberately gate the content in this game. They have turned the game into a big MAZE. In this patch let’s see how we can stick to the community of constant whiners. The greater portion of the community just wants to enjoy a game for a few hours every day. Not deal with people like yourself that want their own way constantly.

If you are having issues finding enough people to pvp with, I suggest queuing for a battleground or get a rated group together. Sorry, but I have never found ganking a low levels very challenging. Fact is, it is childish and also gets really boring ganking the same person for hours on end. I would really get myself into some trouble here if I went any deeper into the conversation.
01/18/2013 08:18 AMPosted by Ravas
Whaaaaaat... Why do we need a solution for flying? WTF is with these topics people are making where flying suddenly became some kind of problem?

This. I swear.

If people don't like flying, the solution is simple: DON'T FLY.
This a 100% why are ppl making problems where there isn't none?
On PVE server, I couldn't care less for WorldPVP. So why would I have to be forced into using ground mounts?

Another fail like Tol Barad?
Well in patch 5.2 daily quest hub you can only use ground mounts. And I don't think Tol Borad was a failure.
01/18/2013 08:18 AMPosted by Kizbo
What's going to be the new complaint tomorrow? Let's talk about how we can get rid of those pesky gnomes.
I agree gnomes need to go lol. can't stand those manbaby candyland anklebiters.
I think I get that people who don't like flying require the misery of those around them in order to have enjoyment.

Let me suggest more ways which they could make more people miserable and so be more happy.

Mandatory oogling time combined with a mandatory delay in raiding in gear acquisition. Because we all know our gear being good isn't good enough we also know that in order for us to enjoy the equipment we have that we require a class of have-nots which must stand around us at the AH in SW or Org admiring us and whispering us about our equipment. The best way to go about this is to make sure new players and those who aren't at the top of server progression can't get the same equipment we have so they are forced to admire the people who do. There needs to be a minimum amount of time the have-not's are required to spend kneeling in front of their betters per week before they are even allowed to enter a raid. I suggest this be around six hours.

For the same reason raid mounts should only be available for the first week that raid is out. Otherwise we would not get an e-!@#$% sitting on it outside our shrines. Only those people who have them would be allowed to fly so that flying is special and means something. Flying training cost will be gold cap because gold is easy to come by and having the training itself should mean something. Flying will also only be 30% speed because it's a convenience.

I also recommend that players only be allowed ground mounts at max level. Ground mounts used to MEAN SOMETHING. And allowing low level players to have them takes away from my accomplishment of having one. It also ruins exploration and shrinks the world which can only be properly be appreciated at RP walk speed. Players should have to train the ability to run at level 60. This will not only make the ability to run something that is special and appreciated (and make people SLOW DOWN and look at the world around them) it will help WPvP since max level players on their 40% ground mounts will easily run them down and camp them.

Actually, mounts themselves are too common. Having a mount USED TO MEAN SOMETHING. Limiting mounts to max level will once more make them special and important. Mount speed should be reduced to 40% max because being able to use a mount is a convenience. Training will be reset for all players and the new cost will be 750k. Riding a mount is optional. Mounts will also be taken away from players who already have them every expansion because you can't explore and appreciate the game world when you are riding. Once a player is at max level they can learn a new mount skill for that expansion before being allowed the privilege of riding again.

Remember, the blues think ganking and camping is an important and enjoyable part of the WoW experience and this enjoyment can be spread to all players by the simple action of mixing all PvE realms with PvP ones and making all players have their PvP flags on permanently from level 10 on. People on PvE servers are carebears anyway and the constant camping of them will teach them how to play.
On PVE server, I couldn't care less for WorldPVP. So why would I have to be forced into using ground mounts?

Another fail like Tol Barad?
Well in patch 5.2 daily quest hub you can only use ground mounts. And I don't think Tol Borad was a failure.

That depends, how many people got to Tol Borad, now. I have not been there since I grinded out the two mounts back in cata. Matter of fact I find no reason to leave panda land. I am maintaining 6- 90's and soon to have another. I have no time for anything but grinding rep on alts, farming mats, grinding dungeons and lfr every week. Heck I have not been in a bg since MoP dropped. Having to farm rep on alts has really been a waste of time, but necessary to pick up gear that I can't get from drops in the lfr. Blizzards says there is no reason to have to grind out these reps, but if you are not lucky enough to get the drop or waste one of the coins to get gold, then you have little recourse but to grind out the rep of each faction that gives gear to at least revered.

I can understand gating one character from progressing to fast through the content, but once you have done every quest and every daily on said character you have not missed any of the experience Blizzard wanted you to get from all their hard work. I get that, I really do, but creating coin to purchase so you can then gain rep faster from doing the same dailies over and over again on 6 to 10 other characters get extremely boring and very counterproductive. Maybe not a tabard again, but something needs to be done to make gearing an alt a better experience. I should not be forced into the same grind over and over again no matter how short of a period it takes to get said character to at least revered with a faction. No, I guess I really do not have to do all of this, but I like the option to be raid ready on every character, because frankly I like to raid on all of them.
you dont have to fly if you dont want to. there are very few places you HAVE to fly to get to. very very few.
Leave my flying mounts alone.

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