"Remove flying mounts"middle ground solution?

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01/19/2013 11:07 AMPosted by Dragonroll

Completely inappropriate response by a blue imo. Let the other elitists belittle the OP because they think the post is "not well thought out," but blues should play no part in suggesting whether or not a post is good enough to have been written (unless there is a breach of the ToS, of course).

they literally just answered this question like 2 days ago.
"Solution" implies that there's a problem.

"I don't want to ride flying mounts" is not a problem.

The "problem" is that they don't want ANYONE ELSE to fly either. Because other people flying takes away from their world of people they can "see" around them. And that makes it feel like they are playing a game versus "living" in that world.

Of course the answer could be something like add more NPCs like Duke Studington over in the Horde side Brawler's guild that runs up to you all the time and flexes. That would make the world feel so much more alive!
01/18/2013 09:45 PMPosted by Palaurus
01/18/2013 03:30 PMPosted by Masonstorm
The only thing I don't like about flying is them druids with instant flight form, this needs a CAST TIME like every one else. Just don't remove the entire mechanic of flying, this would require a redesign of the game and I don't think its going to happen.

Baby.... roll a druid if you are so jealous.
Wait a minute.


Blizzard announces that one new daily zone will have limitations placed on flying.

Forum goers spend over a week debating how removing flying from the game completely is good or bad.

What the blue hell is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Show me where it was stated that Blizzard was categorically removing flying from every zone in the game. Why is this still an issue?

God. People. Don't ever breed.
Threats in the air:Flying mobs like giant buzzards, dragons, air elementalsNatural hazards like lightning, whirlwinds, floating void zones of deathOn PvP realms there may be the occasional slow-falling PvPer trying to shoot someone

Stupid idea. Phone or the door bell rings or the call of nature hits, I mount up and rise into the air where the quest mobs are not going to kill me while I am gone for a mintue or five. Flyming mounts are perfect the way they are. Keep your cotton picking silly ideas off them!
Wait a minute.


Blizzard announces that one new daily zone will have limitations placed on flying.

Forum goers spend over a week debating how removing flying from the game completely is good or bad.
God. People. Don't ever breed.

I think you're missing some context and history. There has been a small group wanting flying mounts removed for a while. GC makes a tweet saying that looking back he doesn't like the way Flying mounts were introduced and wouldn't have added them, he later clarifed that he would have like more restrictions put on them etc.

Since then, there have been numerous posts about removing flying mounts. Maybe a knee jerk reaction by the pro flying group in fear that the anti-flying group will sway Blizzard. Mabybe a false sense of empowerment by the Anti-flying group that now is the time to petition to have flying mounts removed.

Add into that a new daily quest zone that doesn't allow flying and you have yourself some Panda-monium which seems to have set both sides into more of a frenzy.

Blizzard has explained that there is no plans to remove flying, that it's more complicated than just turning off a switch and at the same time, they do think that they can tell a better story if they remove flying from certain areas and enviroments.

It would seem to be a fairly closed case in most people's minds, to include Blizzard's. Hence maybe why Bashiok quoted "Not this again"
Too late to remove them or alter it. If they don't want them, then next xpac shouldn't allow flying at all in the new zone.

They already made the cost of training artisan and master flying completely out of reach of someone starting new.
Yeah removing flying mounts on the grounds that ganking and camping makes one person mad is so ignorant.

"I was camped and ganked by somebody with flying! NOBODY SHOULD BE ABLE TO FLY."

why are you on a pvp server?
01/18/2013 10:34 PMPosted by Kteist
Because from a developer's standpoint, it's nearly impossible to design zones around flying mounts.

Not really. The only reason why Blizzard is handicapped in this fashion is their desire to remove flying mounts until level cap each and every time they release a new expansion.

01/18/2013 10:34 PMPosted by Kteist
Blizzard tried in Cataclysm, and the zones didn't turn out very well.

I disagree. I greatly enjoyed the levelling experience in Cataclysm precisely because I could use the mounts I wanted to without arbitrary handicapping.

01/18/2013 10:34 PMPosted by Kteist
It's tough to get players immersed in a zone when they can just fly over packs of mobs and skip straight to the boss guy they need to kill. It's just too efficient.

Again, just because Blizzard purposefully limits itself to designing the world with ground mounts only doesn't mean that it's hard to do correctly. It's a self imposed limitation, just like their concerns over gear inflation are caused by their self-imposed viewpoint that someone preferring old tier to new is a failure of their design. If they modernised and accepted that some of their design intentions were flawed then they'd have an easier time with designing a better experience without needlessly restricting players.

01/18/2013 10:34 PMPosted by Kteist
It's just too efficient. The zones also don't look nearly as good from the air

Neither of these are statements of fact. They're opinions, and the second is one that I greatly disagree with. In the air the zone actually comes together and the world feels more fluid and organic. From the ground? There's no notable or interesting features because you're stuck staring at bland blends of green, grey, and brown.

01/18/2013 10:34 PMPosted by Kteist
They intentionally set the speed of flying mounts slower than the speed of epic ground mounts to try to keep players from using their normal flyers 100% of the time.

Then they fixed it to make functional sense. A flyer would never be slower than a ground beast for travelling if for no other reason than the fact that terrain isn't a hinderance.

01/18/2013 10:34 PMPosted by Kteist
People also forget that 5k gold was a tremendous amount of money back in BC, especially before the era of dailies. Epic flying mounts were reserved for the elite, and maybe the cost of epic flying should have been boosted with each expansion to keep it that way.

I had 5k at level 25 in BC. You're greatly exaggerating how hard it was to make money back then.
01/19/2013 07:50 AMPosted by Tempcharac
People like me are sick of explaining why that "won't work".

"But other people still do it even if I don't" isn't an explanation for why "I don't like flying mounts" isn't addressed by you not using them. Any desire to impose your preferred playstyles on others is an invalid response because, unless you plan on paying for their subs, you have no right to feel like you should dictate how they play.
Flying is... the only thing that makes dailies and farming tolerable for me. Not being able to fly while questing in Pandaria made me skip as many quests as humanly possible and spend most of my game time standing in SW queued for dungeons. It also made me give up on leveling most of my alts past 85, because I despise questing enough without it lasting longer than it absolutely has to.

Blizzard can do what they want with their game, and I will do what I want with my subscription. Removing flying from the game or making it so restrictive that it was pointless to fly while questing would simply mean the end of my playing WoW. I have other things to do than play a game I'm not enjoying, and being able to fly is part of that enjoyment for me.

It's not a threat or a rant, just me stating what the line would be for me. Right now, I am enjoying MoP more than I enjoyed any previous xpac, with the only exception being the flying restriction until 90 in Pandaria. I miss my alts a lot (just not enough to subject myself to a whole lot of ground mount only questing again).

Addressing that restriction: All it has done is ensure that, without my alts to voraciously level, I log in far less than I used to and I am learning to appreciate other games. Whatever.
It's a game, and the time comes for every game to hit the back shelf of the closet, as I am sure WoW will do one day and there are certain issues that would make that sooner for me.

Enjoy your game folks :)
I have two actions bars mostly devoted to mounts. One for flying and one for ground. I always ride my goat when at the market/farming. Water strider is for fishing and island hopping. Wings of one kind or another for fast flight. I love the variety we have. And that water strider is the best, bar none, for leveling alts.

It is beyond me as to why a person's happiness depends on the happiness/misery of another person. If you don't like flying, then don't fly. Or transfer to an RP realm and use your fear of flying as part of your story. But leave the rest of us alone please.
What are all you non-rp server players complaining about immersion for?
What started this stupid argument in the first place, why is every other topic about flying now?

If you don't want to fly, use your ground mount, there's a hundred different ones you can use.
I'd sincerely like a flying pig mount. ty

Edit: Lets up the ante and have flying pvp battles. I'd also like my own sailing ship and do battles with it. tyvm
i dont have to much problem with flying mount myself but that could be how i use them i do fly to wherev i have to go but once im there i useally walk around get all my quest done them mount up and take off since most of the mob questin or otherwise are at the qarea of interest anyway so you not missin much until you get into the fight

yes you can say that flying can make you miss out on the enviroment arund you and you miss out at the world around you by flying up and skipping it all and to a point that true but <and true mop layout can be done without flying mouont since you can walk anywhere> most are in the older exp <bc wrath and cata> have way to area thet rely on you being able to fly that those mount have to stay and cant be taken out

haveing a middle ground might help but i cant say how it could work cuz every flyer require are is different from the last <exsample would be how let say nagrand you only need to fly to get to 2 maybe 3 area that you only need to get to at max 70 level while in wrath you had 2 area almost 3 where you needed to fly everywhere those damn mountains> so keeping or getting rid of flying mount is just something now that coant be done

now you can say that cuz we level so fast you dont even get to those flying require area anymore so it no longer matter but still why have area if you can get to them

so pvp wise and pve wise would the game be better without flyer <maybe> nut at the same time give how old this game is and all thing that would have to change in order to take them out would it be worth it at this point <nah at least not to me>

that my take on it it a bit long but i said my peace
I say keep flying. Its a pain in the !@# to get from place to place without it.
Just an idea that popped into my head, I don't claim it's the best idea, but it could possibly be a middle ground between the "remove flying mounts" and the "keep flying mounts" contingents.

What if you add fatigue to flying? It's hard work...currently our flying mounts can travel the width and breadth of Azeroth without even having to stop for a breather...what if blizz added a fatigue bar with a set amount of time (cumulative) and after the bar runs out there's a 5 or 10 minute cooldown before you could fly again, or you have to feed or water your mount or something like that? For the feeding/watering option, rather than taking up valuable bag space, it could be an ability, similar to the one currently in use for healing your battle pets.

Does this solution make everyone happy? I doubt it, but it seems like a good place to start anyways...feedback?
No. Flying either stays or goes, and with all the money and time they put into building the previous xpacks around flying, its staying.

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