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Actually if you guys really want to bring back world pvp; then pvp gear and all the other junk has to go. End of story. No one wants to get ganked and camped. Others want to gank and camp. This is a no win situation.

There will never be the world epic pvp battles when this game started. Back then anything level 10 and up participated. This will never happen again. So people might as well get over it. The moment Blizzard put pvp gear and all the other things into this game it was done, never to return.

I know most of you don't believe that, but it is the truth. Pvp will never be what is was meant to be in the beginning. In the beginning fights would just break out where ever. But as long as people can be one shotted and camped; people will do anything to avoid that, if they can.

Totally agree with this. This discussion is really about pvp.
I like to use the bridge in redridge mountains as an example.

With flying: Player A. is flying south to north in eastern redridge. Player B. is flying north to south in western redridge. They don't see each other.

Without flying: Both players must pass each other on the only road going north/south through the zone and possibly interact.

Sure you can tell player A. "just dont fly then", but that still doesn't make player B, C, or D want to give up his/her flying mount so player A. is still in an empty world.
Blizzard can do what they want with their game, and I will do what I want with my subscription. Removing flying from the game or making it so restrictive that it was pointless to fly while questing would simply mean the end of my playing WoW. I have other things to do than play a game I'm not enjoying, and being able to fly is part of that enjoyment for me.It's not a threat or a rant, just me stating what the line would be for me. Right now, I am enjoying MoP more than I enjoyed any previous xpac, with the only exception being the flying restriction until 90 in Pandaria. I miss my alts a lot (just not enough to subject myself to a whole lot of ground mount only questing again).

yep! My shammy is lvl 89 and just starting krasarang wilds... lots and lots of cooking and fishing daiies and arcaheology in the old world. I may get to the kum'lie summit when she hits 90. Then i can go back and actually quest.
Question for all you anti-flying mount individuals.

Would you consider it a good business decision to give 20-40 people a whole realm to themselves that has flying mounts disabled? That's a lot of wasted space if you ask me.

People who want to do away with flying mounts are a waste of skin if you ask me!
On PVE server, I couldn't care less for WorldPVP. So why would I have to be forced into using ground mounts?

Another fail like Tol Barad?
Well in patch 5.2 daily quest hub you can only use ground mounts. And I don't think Tol Borad was a failure.

Why was it a ground mount only dailies hub?

It was another attempt by Blizzard to get more participation on World PVP (beneficial, again only to PVP servers).

TB is a failure to me personally and on PVE server, the only conflict point in TB is the instanced BG and which server type does it benefits once again?

I believe I choose PVE server not for the World PVP and the tons of crap that follows, ie: crap behavior that seems to happen more on PVP servers. I know that for a fact because I had a toon leveled from lvl 1 to lvl 85 from a certain PVP server.

Grounding PVE player like me doesn't add any form of immersion, tbvh.... It's just more crap to kill before reaching my objectives.

That depends, how many people got to Tol Borad, now. I have not been there since I grinded out the two mounts back in cata. Matter of fact I find no reason to leave panda land. I am maintaining 6- 90's and soon to have another. I have no time for anything but grinding rep on alts, farming mats, grinding dungeons and lfr every week. Heck I have not been in a bg since MoP dropped. Having to farm rep on alts has really been a waste of time, but necessary to pick up gear that I can't get from drops in the lfr. Blizzards says there is no reason to have to grind out these reps, but if you are not lucky enough to get the drop or waste one of the coins to get gold, then you have little recourse but to grind out the rep of each faction that gives gear to at least revered.

I can understand gating one character from progressing to fast through the content, but once you have done every quest and every daily on said character you have not missed any of the experience Blizzard wanted you to get from all their hard work. I get that, I really do, but creating coin to purchase so you can then gain rep faster from doing the same dailies over and over again on 6 to 10 other characters get extremely boring and very counterproductive. Maybe not a tabard again, but something needs to be done to make gearing an alt a better experience. I should not be forced into the same grind over and over again no matter how short of a period it takes to get said character to at least revered with a faction. No, I guess I really do not have to do all of this, but I like the option to be raid ready on every character, because frankly I like to raid on all of them.

Exactly my sentiments.

This toon is the second one that I have made it to LVL 90, the rest are still, 85...

I was reluctant to lvl up to lvl cap as it would mean the repetition of grinding reps (even though it's a shorter grind in reality). But Golden Lotus dailies has really put a psychological impact on me.

Hence I only collect eggs for serpent riding and stopped doing any rep grinds on all my toons.

Now imagine if we are all grounded (without changes to porting or taxi), I would need to swim to that Island. The eggs will now spawn on the ground as no one will be able to fly. You will have to wade through crap tons of mobs only to have the eggs stolen when you are fighting the mob near it.

The only classes that can circumvent this situation would be pet classes, maybe even rogues and druids.
its to late now but flying never should have been faster then been on the ground
Here is the real middle ground. Keep flyers on PVE realms, remove on pvp realms, give free xfers for two weeks to let players settle. PvP realms want danger to travel, and since the PVE aspect of the game provides no danger while traveling ( though it would be cool to see like dragons ambushing a player or something ) this would be the ultimate solution.
Chris: A lot of playesr will say no (probably all of them) and you havent addressed the issue of players who have paid for their flying mounts.

It is not going to happen.
01/20/2013 12:11 AMPosted by Chrisboxed
Here is the real middle ground. Keep flyers on PVE realms, remove on pvp realms, give free xfers for two weeks to let players settle. PvP realms want danger to travel, and since the PVE aspect of the game provides no danger while traveling ( though it would be cool to see like dragons ambushing a player or something ) this would be the ultimate solution.
Or, better yet, if you don't like flying, don't purchase the skill or the mounts.
I wish they would just disable it in the major cities, like how Dalaran used to be in WOTLK.
the only real middle ground you will ever get is if you can convince the powers that be to make a separate server that doesn't have flying or some goofy fatigue idea such as the one you mentioned. If they do make this server then 3 months down the road when only 100 or 200 out of 10+ million people are playing on it , they will shut it down
IDGI... this seems like a nice idea.
01/20/2013 01:56 AMPosted by Meila
makes pvp outside of blizzard's sandboxes a non-event.

I'm okay with this. There is absolutely no reason to force PvP on those that do not wish to participate.

01/20/2013 01:56 AMPosted by Meila
We need to make the zones we have exciting and dangerous

Then you better tell Blizzard to buff the mobs in the open world, because there's nothing particularly exciting about getting 2-3 shot by a player that attacks you while you're in the middle of questing.

01/20/2013 01:56 AMPosted by Meila
There are many other ways to facilitate fast travel when appropriate, rather than turn the entire population of level-capped toons into invulnerable tireless hummingbirds.

You have yet to give an objective and rational reason for why people being able to fly when they want to, rather than when it's only convenient to the gankers on PvP servers, is better for the game overall than the current status quo.
The problem is, what ever is done to enhance pvp on pvp servers, is also implemented on pve servers. I can only speak for myself but I play on a pve server because I like playing on my own terms. If I want to fly, I fly. If I want to ride a ground mount, I do that. If I want to pvp, I flag. If I don't, I don't flag.

If I wanted constant combat, or other players deciding if I am going to be able to finish my quests or level at any particular time, I wouldn't be on a pve server. It would be nice if they were completely independent of each other but they aren't.
there was a certain amount of fun hauling !@# through a zone trying to avoid certain death, but id never play eq again. never have i felt that 'sense of danger' in wow. its always been easysauce.

i pretty much subscribe to the notion someone mentioned earlier: if blizzard made a no flight server, it'd be shut down in a few months because no one would be playing on it. its ridiculous the things people will point the proverbial finger at when addressing the 'death of XXXXXX'. whats next?

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