Holy Pally BoAs

Cloth set fine or mail? Mail is the only set I dont own lawl x.x
Any of the caster heirlooms work just fine, the armor value isn't even terribly relevant in pvp.
It's easiest just to use the cloth heirlooms for every caster, unless you have plenty of spare JP. There's a plate set coming in 5.2, though, if it matters.
I dont see the plateset you mentioned, but quite a few new weps/offhands http://ptr.wowdb.com/items?filter-patch=16408&filter-quality=128&sort=slot Also if anyone has light on this "Patch 5.2 adds several new Heirloom items that scale to level 85. These are upgraded versions of current heirlooms and can be purchased with the old heirloom and Justice Points." Does that mean u can trade in for example dredger for the staff? (JP)
Until they add the holy plate, just go with what you have. The armor value is the least of your worries as holy if you're mostly planning on leveling through dungeon healing.
Well, there was some intellect plate heirlooms datamined a while ago. Not sure what happened to them.

For the other new ones, you turn in the old one for the new version plus the same amount of JP as the old heirloom cost. If you have the Lava Dredger, you could only turn it in the for the upgraded Lava Dredger, not one of the other weapons.

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