LF Evening Guild [6:30-10PM] WW/MW Monk

Looking for a guild with evening raid times, just came to the realm about a month ago and I'm looking for a new home. So far I've pugged 6/6 MV, 3/6 HoF, 3/4 ToES. Just looking for a guild with similar progression, 2-3 nights a week between 6:30pm-10:30pm st. Used to raid pretty actively but now I've got a kid and a job. Just looking for a place I can log on, slay some dragons and have some fun with a consistent group.

492 ww monk - Crìme [479 os healing gear]
474 hpal - Savìor
475 blooddk - Intimìdation
487 arcane mage - Nukular

Looking to raid on my monk, I also have decent healing gear but I would much RATHER dps. I've played nearly every class endgame with membership in most top tier guilds on my previous realm. Just whisper me in game or on my Bnet - DNYTE#1546.

Thanks for consideration.
Hey Crime, Soft Enrage is putting together a new 10m group Mon/Tues nights 630-930. Send me an in-game mail if you are interested and we can talk more.

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