As Requested, Soft Counter Mneumonic

Pet Battles
The heart of life is a Dragon's fire,
They shy away from death's cold mire.

Wraiths flee from water, and well that they should,
If their mist washed away, it wouldn't be good.

Water shies before magic, because of its flow,
It fears that within it, the magic would grow.

Magic cannot touch what doesn't believe,
Like a grizzled adult, or a cold hard machine.

A machine can be naught but an echo of the world,
Where all elements' functions are swirled.

The forces of fire, and of earth, and of sky...
They rule the whole land, where the critters still get by.

Mice shy from traps that the Humans have made,
And though they bite hard, they can't bite through a blade.

But the Humans, they run if an animal gets big,
They fear beasts eat flesh, and snap man like a twig.

Cats like to leap, to get to that Fly,
It is hard, and they can't, but they'll still probably try.

Birds shy before the true masters of the sky.
I like that you did this. :)

I will likely not remember it, but I did enjoy reading it. Thank you.

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