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I was wondering why Jewel Crafting, Inscription, Engineering and Alchemy never have patterns to drop in raid content? Its always Tailoring, Leather working and Blacksmithing. Blizzard, can you spread the love around a bit please?
Tailoring, Leatherworking and Blacksmithing are gear-crafting professions.

496 gear is a bigger deal than gems, glyphs, whatever useful things Engineers make, or consumables.
I'm not saying to stop putting those patterns in. I'm just saying that the people who have invested the time into their profession should get some new patterns as well.
the things JC/inscription/alch make dont ever really diminish. unlike gear crafting professions where all the gear they can make pretty much instantly because worthless each new tier.
This is because they have alternative methods of gaining the recipes. At least for those that are not engineering. Namely Research, Discovery and Daily Quests. When these professions had recipes that dropped in raids (e.g. Burning Crusade), people complained it was too random and difficult to get them. So changes were made.

Engineering isn't a raiding profession really. The developers have said this several times. It is for fun and games...
I like the way it is now. I feel like the armor-crafting professions are more for the people who enjoy raiding and such—they let you fight better (better gear) and they let you get recipes from doing raids. Meanwhile, inscription/jewelcrafting/enchanting are more for people who don't like raiding, who just want to play with professions. I'd hate to have to raid in order to get my inscription recipes.
well there was the weapon enchants back in ulduar, and seems like everyone hated farming for those.

i'd still like to see some non-essential stuff (mounts, pets, other vanity items) made from raid dropped patterns for the non-armor crafting professions.
I like raiding and my professions on my raiding toons in Cata were JC/alchemy, JC/enchanting, JC/tailoring and alchemy/inscription.

I also like gold. Therefore, my professions haven't changed as I continue to raid.

I don't have a single BS, LW, Eng or skinner at level cap and I don't feel a bit worse off than those that do. The real difference between myself and them? I have lots of gold.

They have those professions for the one item per tier I might want to purchase, which I can and do purchase, with the mountains of gold I've made using mine.
Remember ammunition? I remember ammunition...

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Engineering isn't a raiding profession really. The developers have said this several times. It is for fun and games...

That goes out the window with the repairs. When you don't have a Repair Bot or Jeeves, and no Warlock to summon people back, then you have to stop a 10 man whole raid for a long pause to get everyone back to town to repair and then fly back out to Mogu'Shan Vaults and resummon (killing PvP campers - I killed a Paladin twice) and then run back in to get to Elegon (the long walk) and reset the entire raid.

It's very thankful when someone has a Repair mount. Then we don't all have to hearth back. Not everyone has all this discretionary cash.

Unless they make other professions do repairs, Engineering is a very useful raid profession.

I do admit, I hate the mailboxes because it leads to tons of disenchanting, jewelcrafting, and milling when we have to wait around. But I'm thankful Jeeves sells Tomes because I go through those suckers like mad. Now I just need to get him to carry Crystal Vials.
Eeehhh...I'd still call engineering not really a necessary raid profession. Most of what it does is easily replaced with 1 mount (Out of 10-25 people.) and raiders that are prompt/prepared.
A. A raid doesn't drop enough to fill your bags(Of anything useful)
B. That leaves you enough room for at least three stacks of books. 4-5 stacks of pots, a stack of flasks, 2-3 stacks of food(And you still haven't filled a bag yet)
C. Repair before you go and you have at least two hours raiding time if not more before you need to repair. (Longer than most pugs[notice I did not say 'successful' pugs])
D. Prompt/non lazy raiders negate ganking at the summon stone outside.

The only I would personally use engineering to raid for, is to get an early helmet when an expansion comes out.

If you're waiting on some random derp-a-derp to DE/mill/whatever to continue raiding, boot them out and find someone who's actually there to raid. Not profession grind.
Engineering is every bit a valid profession as the others, it's got a comparable stat bonus, and that's all that truly matters.

The main reason JC patterns aren't raid drops is because there are so *many* of them, and each one is very important. What if a certain realm went 6 weeks without seeing a particular cut drop? That'd be an RNG-fueled disaster. BOE armor isn't as big of a hole, since you can get equal or identical gear through raid content. There is no alternative to gems, enchants, and shoulder inscriptions.
After still not getting a recipe from lvl 60 Nefarion.... no. Just no. Nope nope nope nope.
Also, they need to fix the rate at which you learn BC flasks as a side note. Freaking 2 recipes total...

All I wish is they'd introduce new "for fun" recipes for Alchemy during new major patches. The other profs, I dunno.

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