<Soft Enrage> Casual-Progressive Late Night

Hi everyone.

My name is Nebix (battletag Nebix#1400) of <Soft Enrage>

* [US] Blackrock - Horde side.
* 10:30pm until 2 am PST Sunday and Monday Nights
* 25 Man
* Casual Progressive
* EPGP loot system
* Use Mumble for voice chat

Looking for Mature and Reliable members to join as a core part of our group. Very non misogynistic atmosphere, women welcome.
anything considered atm

anything but priest really

We are currently:
* 6/6 normal MV
*6/6 normal HoF
* 4/4 normal TOES

* 3/6 Heroic MV

Back in the DS days we farmed 8/8 Heroic for a few months, though now we are having a membership reliability problem. There are about 4 or 5 spots in our raid group that are being very inconsistent and we are looking for good fun people who want to raid every week to fill them.

We take our time, but generally full clear heroic content before the next patch. We are a strong raiding group with many people who parse in the top 100 every week, we just need a few people to complete our team.

We are working through Heroic MV progression, while clearing toes and hof every week

If this sounds interesting, hit me up by email or add me as a friend in wow and we can talk.
My email is: nonfat@gmail.com
my gamertag is: Nebix#1400

You can also get on US-Blackrock (horde side) and talk to anyone online in <Soft Enrage> and get a feel for us. We are a friendly group and always happy to talk.

Oh ya, We are a fairly mature group, with the majority of members being in their late 20s (or even older in some cases) and look for maturity in our members.

We are also part of a large online gaming group known as Chaos Factors ( http://www.chaosfactors.net ). And we are the Blackrock / Horde aspect of that called <Soft Enrage>. Though there are multiple Guilds and a SC2 clan associated with Chaos Factors.

You can also fill out an application at http://www.chaosfactors.net/seapplication

Look forward to hearing from you!
Come join us!

please check us out, or apply at www.chaosfactors.net/seapplication
still recruiting
Are you looking for any DPS roles? My mage is looking for a good home. I'd also be willing to level a Tank. I can't heal to save my life though (ba-dum-tish)
Big o Bump
Bump for good ppl!
What do you guys think about recruiting someone who's had lack of exp this expac, but has had exp. in the past?
It depends on the person and their attitude Exalus

Do a /who soft enrage and see if you can find an officer to speak to and we can see what we think!
(sorry been doing school last few days, didnt mean to wait so long on reply)
i keep bumping because we are still recruiting
How many people u still need Neb?
Still recruiting. Nola we are looking to keep a 30-35 raider roster. Currently we are around 27.
Bump, still recruiting!

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