No cd ignore for scribes?

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like all the professions who have a daily cd have a way to around the cd by using spirits of harmony. Just wondering why scribes do not have a chance to make scrolls with a cd ignore?
Scribes can use their Spirit of Harmonies to do weekly quests to obtain more Scrolls of Wisdom.

Unfortunately, there are only 6 quests.
Correction: there's ONE "quest"

And it's 5 SoH, unlike Tailors/Alchemists/JC's that use 3.
Not to mention the 1 quest is 1 weekly so that is still a cd. And the mats are so ridiculous to get 1 extra scroll a week.
Different professions are different. Enchanters don't have a way to circumvent the sha crystal transmute CD, either.
doesn't disenchanting an epic give a sha?

for scribe I don't recommend doing the weekly, but do golden lotus faults. last quest chest has chance of a scroll
The quest is incorrectly labeled as a weekly, but it's actually repeatable as many times as you like. It's just not the most efficient way to dodge your cooldown, as it takes a large amount of Starlight ink, but it does work.
01/10/2013 04:08 PMPosted by Yablik
It's just not the most efficient way to dodge your cooldown

Well, technically it is the most efficient way to circumvent the cooldown, because it's the only way.

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