Aerie Peak
Just had a moment thinking back on some long ago days. Shout out to any old Argonauts.
I miss Enraged from that guild. Drplay was also a pretty beast warrior in classic from there too.

As a sidebar: that was the last guild Berg was in on his orginal toon from classic.
I will never forget Argonauts! It was my first raiding guild. Does anyone know what happened to Dominique? I assume he's long gone by now.

I remember Drplay.
Dominique changed toons and became an officer in MoMiT.
Dom is seriously still around? I just ran into Tanker the other day; I did a Vaults run with him. Anyway, tell Dom I said WHY AREN'T YOU ON MY REAL ID and to hit me up for a Heroic sometime.
Damn, I miss vanilla Aerie Peak. My first level 60 joined Argonauts with a good buddy from the server right around the time you guys were starting Molten Core content.

I was a human female warlock, Valkyre. My buddy was a night elf male priest, Nikidemis.

I still remember so many of your player names:
Mideon - male human warlock
Uziga - male nelf druid
Tocs - male nelf warrior
Jenara? - female nelf hunter?
Jerhyn? - human male warrior?
Berg - human male warrior?
Dominique - female human warrior (main tank)
Maggie - female dwarf rogue (guild mom)
Biker - gnome male rogue?
And many more I can't recall at the moment but will randomly remember from time to time.

Thank you Dom and Argonauts. I've come back to WoW at least a dozen times chasing that high. Never the same.
Biker still plays, or did recently. He is a member of Knights of the Lost. Maggie. Sigh, Maggie was great.
Cyclovir - male nelf druid

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