Neolutum (6/16HC) recruiting DPS for 25 man

Wow Progress:

We now feel we can push to re-establish our 25 man raid and we need quality DPS. We need players with past (and present would be nice) heroic raiding experience who understand the patience and dedication required to push heroic progression. We need players who excel at their classes and never stop researching, learning, or building. There's not a lot of this tier left so if we are to have any shot at making significant progression we can't afford undergeared players but that said at this point we're willing to consider any strong DPS candidate.

We raid W/Th 7-11 (require 80% attendance or better)
475 iLvl (480+ much better)
Mumble, EPGP, Boss mods
Heroic progression experience
Highly skilled, capable, and patient raider

We are of course always willing to consider outstanding applicants of any role but right now in principle we need 3-5 DPS to get this off the ground.
Happy to hear you guys are trying to get back into 25s. I was sad to see you guys drop out of it!
Yeah we had a pretty rough go of it and lost a solid 4-6 weeks of progression this tier but we've survived and are working our way back up. With any luck we'll be able to go back to full on 25 before 5.2 but it's not an easy ride.
Working hard to catch up on the progression race.
We got lucky and had a guild that was struggling merge with us and it helped immensely. Check guild recruitment forums and maybe you can find a group like that.
seems alot of guilds having a drop off of people this time of year. :(
01/12/2013 12:11 AMPosted by Maggz
seems alot of guilds having a drop off of people this time of year. :(

The content is difficult and not everyone adjusts to the changes well. I know I personally am always busy because of holidays and vacations so I missed ~5 weeks of MoP so far. = (
I need a new home :( What is expected of your social members?
01/13/2013 06:30 PMPosted by Ashpridesin
I need a new home :( What is expected of your social members?
Don't be a douche, or a nag, have fun, and participate when you can. i.e. Be social. :-P

Oh yeah and be at least 18. We're an R-rated guild.
bump for my friends
Bump as well.
I would like to hang some with good players. I will friend you and send you a whisper in game.
Updated to reflect our 25 man needs. We're only a handful of DPS away from pulling that trigger.
Still recruiting DPS for 25 mans.
How are you guys sitting for rogues? I noticed by your wowprogress page that you are looking for mostly RDPS.

I do have a mage(My former main) that is 476 and gearing up fast that I could consider going full-time on again if the situation called for it.
Mages name is Pyrrhos, he is also where all my past heroic progression(including H Rag kill prior to DS) was on.
<-- The Mage
Honestly at this point we could use rogues more than mages but either would be fine. I have a 26.5 person roster for this and would prefer it be ~28. We do have 2 feral druids, 1 guardian druid, 1 rogue, 1 windwalker all on agility leather but that's not oppressive or anything (and no worse than the 3 mages, 2 locks, 1 spriest on cloth).

Submit an application but be thorough ... we've had a rash of half-assed apps that we've rejected in kind.
Still recruiting DPS for 25 mans. May have need of a geared/pro Monk-healer as well.
What if I'm only a level one?
Looking for all level 1 druids. Also really could use MDPS.

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