Neolutum (6/16HC) recruiting DPS for 25 man

Thinking about applying. I personally have no heroic experience, but my guild is the number 1 on my server and they make everyone watch vids/read up on fights. Iv been in this guild since I hit 90, but have always had a bench or fill in spot.

Given my lack of heroic experience, is it worth me applying?
They are having to go back through everything as a 25M again so I don't see why it would be an issue. What you should find out is if they still have too many shamans.
They are looking for enhance shammy's!
Isny, I would love to look over your application, when you can get one in. The important thing is to include a log if you can. We're not looking to see if you can melt face, we want to see how well you handle your rotation and events. And we know LFR is garbage for logging, but it's much better than nothing.

Feel free to contact me in game if you have any questions. My realID is Medieve#1336.
Hi there people on the "other side". I might be interested in coming to the horde if things where I am at don't work out. This fury warrior has lower ilvl, but I blame both the boringness of dailies, as well as poor RNG. Between all LFR and bosses, I am sitting at roughly a 3% drop rate on loot... even with coins.

However, I am a consistent raider with heroic progression experience in the past. I raided ICC heroic with Nevermore here, heroic Firelands as a spriest over on Moon Guard (horde side, no Goldshire for me), and finished heroic DS before Mists, (though there was the 30% nerf). I do have experience on the top tier is my point.

I looked for an officer for a while this afternoon, but to no avail, none were on. Would love to chat and see where things sit. Horde toon is Evolym, battletag is SuperDan#1814. Also have a WW/BM monk that is in the 470's also.

Looking forward to chatting.
We are very interested in another warrior right now. I'm not sure why you haven't been able to talk to an officer. I've been on for most of the morning and afternoon, and Lazor is still on to my knowledge. If you are interested in raiding with us, please go to our web site and fill out an application, and we'll get back to you soon after.
I don't believe I missed any whispers, However if any potential recruit wants to speak to me i'm usually on for most of the day in the afternoon till around 2am server.

Feel free to add me Lazor#1252 just send a message when adding me.
Shameless bump, still waiting to hear from Isny and Patrioteer.
Just did the app, so, feel free to judge :P

You guys should specify specific needs so when I'm browsing the recruitment forums I can pimp your guild. <3
Current needs include:

One manservant to feed Hyperbolic grapes.
One manservant to fan Hyperbolic with palm leaves.

These servants... er... raiders will have other responsibilities including, but not limited to:
Fetching things for Hyperbolic.
Crafting things for Hyperbolic.
Raiding Hyperbolic's pants when he feels it is appropriate/necessary.
Telling funny jokes to Hyperbolic when he needs a laugh.

Blood Elves need not apply.
Hrmm I might have an attractive manservent available for your abuse. Let me flip through our guild photos and get back to you.
I need them !@#$%es though.
Well one of my RL friends joined your guild as did our mutual shaman/monk friend. :D Good luck this week! You guys have 3 people I <3 raiding with you now lol.
Free bump!
still need dps?
Always need DPS, especially skilled DPS.
Bump - Newly formed 25M is now 4/16H

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