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So I've been working on this for several months now and have been starting from scratch (with the exception of the BS/Mining I brought with me on my transferred toon) - all professions will be on the new realm I transferred to at the end of Cata. I'm so close now - around 25 points of Skinning, Leatherworking, and Tailoring are all that separate me from my coveted achievement! Now it's just those motes of harmony holding me back! Time to level my priest and monk through some MoP content!

Who else out there has been working on or has completed this achievement? Share your woes - what has been the toughest profession to max? (For me it's been Leatherworking by a landslide - UGH! At one point I gave up on farming leather in Tol Barad at around 471 and ended up spending 1700g just to get to level 500! Craziness...)

For me, Professions are one of the most fun and rewarding aspects of WoW. There's something to be said for being almost completely self-sufficient (darn those Alchemy specs), and for being able to single-handedly provide your guild with almost anything they need, profession-wise. I'm not too big on achievements, but I am really looking forward to this one. Thanks for reading! :)
On my server some of the lower level leathers cost around as much as savage leather did specifically rugged leather, other then that i didn't have a lot of trouble with leatherworking or tailoring. I was really close to server first tailoring though.
Oh yeah I was lucky with Rugged, a friend ran me through a few clears of Dire Maul and I had all the Rugged I needed from the hyenas lol :)
I had 10 alts with maxed professions coming into MoP, so I had an easier time than you are having reaching Master of All (obtained 11/04/12).

Biggest problem was LW, because the needed SoH to purchase recipies at the Shrine were hard to obtain for my not-90 rogue. He's next on my "to 90" list, as I will have to start the grind so I can get the good recipies for leg enhancements.
Ahh yeah nice lol. If I had stayed on my old server I would've been fine! But who wants to have a bunch of useful toons on a dead server? Blah lol. Poor old server just gave up the ghost.

And that's one thing - not being able to get all the GOOD patterns. Darn those SoH! lol. Forcing me to play alts ;). Oh who am I kidding... altoholic for lyfe!
Def has been leatherworking and blacksmithing as the hardest for me. While alch / Inscriptionist being the absolute easiest (inscrib only cost me about 500g all together 1-600)
That's a good question I don't know the answer to, and I don't think I'd ever dump a maxed crafting prof to find out lol.

Yeah Inscription was so easy, wasn't it! I farmed most of my herbs, but still. quick prof to level.

I managed to max my LW and Skinning last night! (Wahoo! So glad that's over.) I put my 87 Monk on hold, and now I'm doing the same quests I just finished on the Monk in order to level this toon to 87, get her SoH, and get her to the Shrine for a pattern. Deja vu! Haha... hmm. I'm gonna have to come up with a new goal soon...
I got that achievement, I believe, on day 2 of the expansion, but it was easier for me as I had all the profs at 525 going in.

At the time the real hell was getting the last 20 or so points in BS and LW. I didn't have a supply of SoH at the time so it was just crafting piles of greens and hoping for a point. Inscription and Alchemy were surprisingly simple. I had all of mine (5 each at the time) capped that first day for very little cost. Luckily cloth drops had not yet been nerfed so getting through all the greens to hit 600 was low cost on my tailor as well.

The most fun I had was my skinner. A level 85 druid, and I was running around killing 88ish mobs and hoping for a skillup. For added entertainment I had no idea where I was going so I was just running around higher level zones and hoping to find animals. God that took forever.
I took my time getting the cheevo since I didn't want to craft greens hoping for a skill up. So I pushed my 6 profession characters to 90 as soon as I could so I could get the SoH for skill ups. I also allowed time to get the reputation grinds in for the rep patterns for all professions.

Skilling up professions was pretty easy this xpack and I really enjoy the multiple leathers from a single skinning. That really helps alot for LW. I remember spending hours on top of hours in Tol Barad skinning crocs or spiders just to get the leather to buy a pattern and then go back to skin to get leather to actually make the recipe. So my most dreaded would be LW, although so far it has been pretty painless.
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Mining is by far the worst now, due to CRZs, so you're lucky on that one. The only thing is, you have to mine for JC, Eng, and BS. I also went the route of crafting a ton of greens for a point except with inscription. At least with LW, JC and tailoring you can send them to your chanter and DE ;-)

That's what everyone keeps saying, but I leveled it in this xpac on another toon (my Engineer DK), and I didn't find it to be that terrible. Had to mine up all the ore for JC and Engineering from scratch, too. It's not bad if you do a little research to find the best places. Maybe my realm is part of a lower population group for CRZ - idk.

Dastalis I agree - I did some of that Tol Barad skinning recently on this toon and honestly it was a PITA. I also wasn't the only one doing it when I went, either.
yea LW is a toughie for sure. very time consuming that one is. i even ran around killing lvl 90 mobs on a 84 hunter, fun times.

next would be BS. sometimes u need like 200+ bars for 15 points. its out of hand. to many changes and removed recipes seemed to have made that one of the harder proffs to level. it kinda makes up for the better stat bonus u get of it. kinda suprised they havent made that one harder than what it is at this point

the rest r really easy. like Lyrie said, research. it helps alot.

i got my achiev just a week ago or so. hope u get yours!!!
Going from 525-600.. tailoring, Leatherworking and Blacksmithing were annoying because you either had to get Spirits of Harmony or fraft greens.. being that I did professions before leveling I ended up mass prodcing greens. The odd blue proc I got made nice useable gear though, and the greens provided more then enough mats to level my enchanting. I finished skinning last night while doing nesingway quests in the valley. I have to finish mining now, simply haven't really tried, paladin is only 87.
I hadnt played much since early Cata except for leveling so all my characters had trash gear and I like pimping my alts as much as possible so I ground out most of my crafting via greens hoping for blue procs so didnt have any SoH issues.

Coming into the expansion I had every prof except bs and engi at 525 so not too far to go but they are probably the most brutal (especially BS) getting to 525, luckily I had plenty of space to pick up the profs as I could just drop my excess scribes after I cut back once I made my gold at the first faire. Picked up BS on my already Tailor main so that I could maximise the SoH use.

The biggest issue with this achieve is that even though I wont lose it I now dont want to not have a proffession even though I would like to drop mining.
I got this achievement a little bit ago. I have to say the worst grind for me was tailoring, specifically the frostweave. Glad it's all done now. Lately I've been trying to procure old world patterns.
I have BS and tailoring left to go, maxed all others on toons on same server, so farming up the mats that i don't already have in the bank should be easy enough.

My only issue is that I think it should come with a title for the work put in.
For me I didn't find an of them too troubling. I leveled Alch, BS, Eng, and Tailoring on toons that hadn't left Org for Pandaria yet. This toon is my main and he is a miner so I was able to send all the ore and cloth to the toons that needed it. My 2nd toon was my LW and 3rd was my herbalist and scribe. I also started MoP with every prof already at 525 which helped.

I didn't worry about the SoH patterns and just made green gear to get skill points then sent all that gear to my enchanter to DE then used the mats to level enchanting.

For LW, farm the tigers and mushan in the SW of Valley of 4 Winds near the Nesingwary outpost. You can get leather very quick and the mobs are 87 so not too tough.

Eng was probably the most difficult because I did it last and by the time I started they had nerfed the ghost iron nodes so it took a bit longer to farm the ore.
YAY! I finally got Master of All tonight!! Whoo! Wow... so happy :D

...but wouldn't it be cool if it gave you a title? LOL
YAY! I finally got Master of All tonight!! Whoo! Wow... so happy :D

...but wouldn't it be cool if it gave you a title? LOL

Grats! It should definitely give you a ", Pays the Bills" title, or something.

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