<Vengeance Inc> Recruiting for Raid Group 3!


Vengeance Inc, Is looking for raiders for group 3 to start raiding in Vaults (10 Player) and beyond. This group is just starting to form up and we are seeking 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 2 dps that can raid at the following times:

Raid times for group 3:

    Wednesday: 9:00-11:00pm server
    Saturday: 9:00-11:00pm server

If interested in raiding with Vengeance Inc. with Group 3 please fill out an application at:

Classes Preferred:

Tanks: Paladins are preferred. But any class that can tank does work as long as you know your class and have great raid awareness.

Heals: Any class is welcome, But I'm mainly looking for Priests, Monks, and Paladin's for this role as well. Hybrid classes are welcome for this position! AKA DPS/Heal spec.

DPS: Any class is welcome for this slot that is open at this time! And same as Heals, Hybrid classes are welcome to join the raid if you have the ability to heal!

Any questions feel free to reply to this thread or ask me or an officer of Vengeance Inc., in-game!

Thank-you and have a great day!


~ Korlastus

Bumping this thread as we are still looking for player(s) to fill these spots for Group 3 for the times mentioned in the first post of this thread.

Remember if you are interested you'll need to apply at:

Any questions feel free to ask me here or in-game!


~ Korlastus

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