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So my little brother rolled a paladin, and while I was explaining inquisition to him this idea came to me, What if inquisition worked like a buff aura providing a group buff to everyone around the paladin?

Maybe something like 10% crit to all friendly raid members within 40yards of the paladin for the duration of inquisition? That would be a nice buff that ret paladins could bring to a rbg group that could not be done better by a holy paladin.

It might even make glyph of inquisition a less useless glyph, because the extended up time on a buff for your entire team may be worth a 15% loss in your personal holy dmg.

Inquisition would also be more interesting to keep up knowing its benefiting your raid, and the idea of a selfless buff aura for your team fits with the existing paladin theme.

What do you guys think? would it be too powerful in pve? too weak in rbgs? I kind of like the idea and I think it would be cool if something like this was implemented, but please feedback is always awesome! XD
That kind of buff would make ret absolutely mandatory for raids. No, it would not be fun to work like that.
I like the spirit of the idea, Ret does need something to distinguish it more in PVP, but yeah that would be too much.
What if another class also got a matching buff to add variety for possible group compositions?
I hear shamans also have a under desired tool set for pvp, or maybe monks?
Great idea...this would definitely make us a utility class that is actually worth bringing for our utility. However, I would imagine that the inq buff to the rest of the raid would have to be less than what it does for the ret that brings it. Perhaps a flat 1 or 2% increase in dps and healing, or even a boost in mana/resource regeneration to the raid. Nothing that would make rets absolutely necessary, but something that makes us very attractive.

Perhaps even something like an aoe dot heal that hits some of the raid every time you refresh inq...that way blizz could say they found a way to shut up all of the people complaining about having to refresh inq every 30sec because now it actually has a benefit when you refresh it besides just maintaining personal dps output.
Exactly! the 10% crit was just a filler number, by no means should the buff be a 30% dmg increase and a 10% crit chance, that would make burst even more insane then it already is! lol. I just think that because inquisition is already a ret specific ability in the game it would be easy to modify it in a way that distinguishes us from a holy paladin in pvp.
It could even just give the 5% crit buff that some other classes bring and it would still make us somewhat more attractive to bring to a group than we currently are.
That would be way too strong

Man I hate keeping inq up when pvping
Just to clarify here, basically what you are proposing is that inquisition gives increased crit chance by 10% to raid while its up

Hate to burst your bubble, but thats what a mage's Arcane Intellect does, and for the groups that don't have a mage, they typically have a hunter pick up a wolf pet for essentially the same thing you are proposing (wolf does a howl that increased raid's crit chance by 10% for 45s)

If you have both wolf pet and mage in raid, the crit does not stack unfortunately, so if all you are proposing is that we become a 3rd class that provides that crit buff in raids, it really wouldn't do anything to change our class, our utility in group content, our rotation. It basically would be an unecessary change

However if you are saying it should STACK and give an extra 10% crit, in order to balance the op'ness of that ability blizzard would make inquisition Purgable and that is NEVER SOMETHING THAT SHOULD HAPPEN
Eh, I guess my idea has too many holes in it than. I still think ret paladins need something more to help distinguish us from holy paladins. Better luck next time I guess, thanks for you input everyone :)

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