<Server First> 8/16 Heroic Recruiting

Server First | 10 man | Sargeras, US | Alliance

Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6 Heroic
Heart of Fear - 3/6 Heroic
Terrace of Endless - 4/4

Recruitment Needs
1 Tank (any spec)
1 Healer (pref Disc Priest)
1 Feral druid or ww monk or other exceptional dps classes.

Raid times
Tuesday 7:00 - 11:30 ST
Wednesday 7:00 - 11:30 ST
Thursday 7:00 - 11:30 ST
Sometimes we do add in 1 additional raid day if we are close to pushing progression. This day is determined on whether or not raiders would like to go and can go. This additional day is optional.

Our Expectations
Attendance - Attendance rate as a trial should be no less then 100%. You are given a 2 week trial phase to impress us. Showing us you are committed and reliable is one way of achieving that goal.

Gear - Gear is not the end all be all to this game, however it is a contributing factor to whether or not you will be considered as a possible trial. A players skill will speak for itself but with current content there will always be a minimum gear requirement.

Loot Rules - Loot is based off loot council. In a 10 man loot is pretty much impossible not to distribute fairly. Ms>Os, Raiders will have priority on loot while a player is in a 2 week trial period, after which they share the same eligibility as everyone else. Do not whine or complain about loot ever. We do not condone being selfish over loot everyone will receive pieces fairly.

If interested please message

- Guucci#1928

or go to
Where are all the good tanks at!?
Bump for Guucci. Best of luck with recruitment! :)
9/16 down now
these guys are a pretty good group of folks to raid with so throw those apps in.
01/18/2013 08:02 AMPosted by Lizbien
these guys are a pretty good group of folks to raid with so throw those apps in

Well fine...just cause you said so.
Bump we need a healer!
^^ Priceless
LOL love it^
02/01/2013 12:46 AMPosted by Kursed
LOL love it^
What are you still looking for?

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