Battle Net Error #2

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here the error im getting when logging in i tried restarting and it not working
I'm getting the same error.
I had it the other day, disconnecting and reconnecting to my router seemed to fix it, but that's not working tonight.
Error #2 is an inability to contact the login server.

Since they are now down for maintenance we won't be able to make any progress on this error until they are back up again.
^^ This.
9:52 PM EST and I getting this same error for Lightning's Blade US server.
ik im getting same thing
NVM im in!
I'm getting that right now. Frostmourne-Oceanic. Don't think realm makes a difference because this comes well before realm select.
Same. Same time zone, friends on multiple servers saying the same thing. Bnet went down, logged out to try and fix it, now getting error#2.
Well this is simply frustrating. I just hope it gets resolved real soon!
Same thing on Kul Tiras - US. error #2 malganis server.sigh and no good tv on atm!
Same for me as well. Arygos - US
Greetings from Moon Guard! (having the same issue.)
Millions of dollars and it's messin up...Damn.
Getting the same thing. Raid is in an hour - hope it's fixed soon! xD
I completely closed the client and restarted it. It works now.
It couldn't be Authenticator-related, could it?

Edit: Never mind. A full client restart (That's logging out of the game completely, and starting it back up. Just to clarify.) seemed to fix the problem. the odd thing, is that it seems that other people aren't online even though they are. For instance, I was RPing with a friend. Bnet went down for us both, we talked for about a minute, then I just stopped seeing her posts. Thought I was being ignored...
I just had and fixed this error on my Macintosh.
I ran the World of Warcraft Launcher program and it updated itself and the main WoW program. I was then able to log in.

In fact every time I have had this issue on my Macintosh the solution has been run World of Warcraft Launcher, find out there was some form of update, apply it, and not have problems anymore.

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