Best WoW Character Selection?

Obviously, the best WoW character selection... class wise... will be a Warrior.

Now, what about race?


On paper, Human. You get an extra trinket for PVP, and the rep grind is so much faster. You also get a boost to expertise with maces/swords which helps hit that soft cap a little faster.

That said, I race changed my human warrior to worgen when cata came out, because I like being a werewolf.
I like Worgen, but I do not like their 2h animations. They look very strange when moving. Gnome warriors are cool if you're into that kinda thing.
Why not
two warriors?
01/15/2013 10:57 AMPosted by Mark
two warriors?

Why not? I have 4 rogues(only 2 at 90), 2 shaman, and 2 DKs(working on a 3rd). :P
01/15/2013 10:57 AMPosted by Mark
two warriors?

I got two warriors, this guy and an 85 orc warrior.

This class is a blast to level, i had more fun leveling my second warrior 1-85 as arms for questing and prot for dungeons than i did any of my other alts.
I have
More than one
as well.
It's good times^
That being said, just roll what you want. They all have an interesting goodie for PVE or PVP.

But...Orc is the master race.
Blood Elf and Undead.

If going SMF Fury, go Femdead, if not go Orc.
I've always thought Arms/Fury male orc warriors were beast, and prot male taurens.
Night Elf.

Shadowmeld is great for when things get kinda hairy in PvE and is a valuable tool in hold-the-node style BG's. Gives you an element of surprise when someone tries to cap, thinking it's been abandoned.

for dps id go worgen pvp human tank dwarf ( dont know horde racials all that well)
Furry all the way, they've got a good DPS increase and the racial sprint also as uses in PVP (not to mention I often ended up as a flag carrier so being able to go Ussain Bolt on the other team is pretty cool).

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