<The Zerg> 25 man 5/12 ToT

About us:
<The Zerg> Former members of The Zerg have brought this vanilla/bc guild back to life. We began as a 10 man guild and successfully expanded into 25 man shortly after. We are looking for those players that can have fun and be social, but when its time for a boss, they can get serious and do their job. We prefer to look past the gear of a person and see the potential they have. While geared players who are experienced in current content are preferred, we will look at someone who can really play their class. Sometimes all you need is a chance and a bit of gear to become the best raider a guild has. We expect people to research fights before they are seen for the first time. As a rule of thumb boss mechanics are not explained, If clarification is needed we can help, but we will not hold your hand through every boss encounter. If this sounds like the guild for you, please continue.

Current needs
Blood dk
dps shaman

Raid days + times - All server times
Tuesday - 7-10
Wednesday - 7 -10
Thursday - 7 - 10

Current 25 man progression:
5/12 ToT

If you're the class/spec that we are looking for, feel free to contact us. If you're looking for a guild to call home and are in search of a guild to have fun with, feel free to contact us.

Contacts: Bádwolf, Darkersoul, or Species
Apply at : thezerg.enjin.com
We ran our first 25 man tonite. 4/6 MSV almost got elegon down, It's a start. Still trying people out, and still looking for exceptional players to fill our core positions. If you want to get in on the ground floor of a 25 man rad group, this is your chance.
Mainly looking for DPS right now. Healer and tank positions are filled at this time. Exceptional players of any role are certainly welcome to apply.
6/6 normal MSV in our first 2 days of raiding, aiming for elite protectors tommrow.
I kinda wanna join based on the name alone lol
Bump for 3/6 HOF dead in our first night of serious progression. Please see above for current needs.

Darkersoul = Cthonic?

Darkersoul = Cthonic?

bumpity bump!
Darkersoul /= Chthonic

Chthonic == Darkersoul.

I was on this server from the end of Vanilla till the end of Wrath as Darkersoul, who most know me as.

I felt an old school server guild, deserved an old school throwback.

Empress down in the first night of progression after 5 attempts.
Bump for sha and H guardians down in 1 night.
what is the deal with casuals?
02/07/2013 09:02 PMPosted by Deathcamp
what is the deal with casuals?

Not sure what you mean. We do an alt raid on the weekends and have a 10 man group that is recruiting those who can only raid 2 nights a week.

We 4 shot Sha tonight, and got Heroic Dogs down after about 6 or 7 attempts.

We have a real need for 3-4 serious contending dps (Rogue, Hunter, Mage, kitty druid). Hit us up in game or visit our website.


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