<The Zerg> 25 man 5/12 ToT

You cannot bump posts Species, that is how you get temp bans.
awesome guild! cool people and great players!!!
I did not know that Lightersoul. Bump. I will try to add more to my replies. Bump. 5.2 is coming.
Still looking for a couple good dps!
bump for old friends!
Also looking for a Blood DK or a Prot paladin.
needs and progression updated.
Current caster needs are just 1 solid boomkin.

I know we would like to have a dps monk as well.

Other than that, all great players encouraged to inquire.
Apply at
~ http://thezerg.enjin.com/
Hello <The Zerg>!
Need 1 semi-decent warlock to replace darkersoul for core raider/ officer spot!!
Wow haven't seen this guild in a long time. I had a few good friends in this guild back in the day.

Just came out of retirement and it's good to see familiar guilds out there.

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