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I need some sympathy, like many other hunters...I've been trying to get this rare monkey as my pet.

I finally seen him today! So I flew down to him, and began taming. I was about 1/4 of the way to taming him, and then out of nowhere comes one of my pets.....and.....one shots the poor little rare monkey.... :'(

Stupid mistake on my part, but then again.... I still believe that the hunter pet shouldn't come out while ur in the middle of a taming, since we can't even tame at all when hes already out. Just a warning for all you other hunters that are searching for a rare pet!
...did you hit Dire Beast for some reason?
No, I just started taming, although I was mounted...So I'm assuming it was just because the pet automatically comes out after being mounted. Stupid mistake, but the game also shouldn't have ur pet automatically come out like that if ur taming.
You can't even tame if you have an active pet.
True, but when you are on a flying mount you technically don't have an active pet, but when you dismount you do. I started taming before I dismounted, which meant I didn't have an active pet.... but the dismounting as I started taming also acted as a way to activate my pet...so I unintentionally ruined my chance at taming him.
Awww, don't worry, just stay at that location (this is the ONLY spawn spot he has.) and anywhere from 2-5 hours later you'll get him. (If no other Hunters, griefers come up behind you.) He is a cool pet to have. (When I got him, other hunters in SW were like "omg, where you get that monkey!?!?!")
Yeah, theres another hunter camping the spot now. lol. Same faction too so I cant do much about that.
you can start taming if you are on a flying mount bc technically your pet iosnt out. when u finally dismount and hit the ground, that is when your active summon will reappear, interupt tame, and kill your target :( happened to me too, i feel ya
lol that might be me. troll named dolphin. im camped there presently
lol that might be me. troll named dolphin. im camped there presently

Unless your name is Marty McFly, I doubt it.
I don't think this guy's still camping there since this is from January good sir.
Unless that's one dedicated camper.
I'd like to make a suggestion for camping rares. get a wireless bluetooth speaker i have a jawbone set it up with your comp and then u can do other junk around yer house and still hear NPC scan go off it works for me anyway.

10/31/2013 05:05 PMPosted by Helena
Marty McFly

I just flew into the area to get him, saw he was there and landed to start the tame and another hunter ran up and killed him right in front of me and then ran off. Idiot named Arrowynne-Cenarious. Totally bummed, been trying to get this guy for two weeks almost all day, can't get Gib or Madexx either..ugh!
Necroed a 2 year old thread for a call out post. That's almost a forum CoC Bingo on it's own.
In the premade browser, check up on some groups. If you put in "hop" in the search bar, it'll list all the realm hop groups you can check on

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