Lei Shi kicking my butt

Decently geared prot pally here, got a few heroics under my belt. Here to talk about Lei Shi.

This chick kicks my @$$. Normally I tank Lei Shi during add phases, and our Guardian Druid picks up the adds while DPS does their thing. If I get to 15, 18 stacks, I'm toast. I generally pop Guardian around 12 stacks (Or DP if it's up), because that's when Spray starts to hurt. It also stinks that I can't generate HoPo on Lei Shi, as she's immune to damage during add phase.

Any advice to this phase of the fight, other than "Put other tank on Lei Shi, and pick up adds?"

Thanks in advance.
Out of curiosity, why can't the other tank handle Lei Shi?
It's just preference. Also seems to be coincidence, as whenever Lei Shi hits an add phase I end up taunting because my stacks have just fallen off.

I'm a believer in that all tanks can perform similar roles with similar results, as long as the player behind the keyboard is skilled enough.
Have your Off-tank grab the adds and then switch when your stacks get high and his have fallen off, so he'll have the boss and you have the adds until they're dead. This should keep both of your stacks to manageable levels.
Normal Lei-Shi or Heroic?

Normal you don't need a tank to tank them, just cc and establish a kill target, Pretty sure heroic is the same way.
You probably shouldn't be tanking the adds in the first place.
You do need to tank and kill one of them.
I haven't gotten around to doing N Lei Shi (still stuck on Heart :|) but if I remember right, during the add phase you can still have someone taunt off Lei Shi if your stacks get too high. Just need to switch off as needed while the adds are getting downed (and pop Divine Protection as needed, since Spray damage is magic)

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