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Earthen Ring
We've been working through the early tiers of this patch and could use a couple more casual raiders. We run Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights from about 8:30PM server time to about 11PM. (Sundays we start at 8.) We have been raiding since old Hyjal and we get things done, even if we take a bit longer to do it than some.

We tend to be full on plate of all sorts, but would take a plate tank with good DPS off-spec.
Bear and monk tanks would be most desired.

We would love to have a shaman or monk healer, but would also take a holy priest or tree druid with good DPS off-spec.

We are especially looking for a regular warlock, boomkin, or dps shaman. Willing to consider other pure DPS classes, though we tend to be full on mages.

Raiding is done by calendar sign-ups, not via guaranteed roster spots. There are no attendance requirements - just know how to play your class, read up on the fights. Ventrilo and DBM are required, as is keeping in mind that this is a game we play for fun. If raiding is life or death for you, then this is probably not a good match.

Our Web site is http://friends-and-lovers.guildlaunch.com but you'll probably get more info by finding me in-game (Snique or Shurten) or my co-leaders Blackrum or Poguemohon.
Sounds good man, i will msg u in game Sunday Night, ill suss out the lag but i dont think it will be an issue Cheers Shambrah
I just moved to Earthen Ring and i am looking for a guild to raid with. On this toon im up to Elegon.

Right now im ilvl 476
Felfotch that's great. We don't have a regular raiding warlock. Please find me or one of the other organizers in-game.

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