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Wyrmrest Accord
The ground under your feet trembles and the wind begins to pick up. As you look to the horizon, you see a large mass moving swiftly, thundering across the plains. Chants and chimes reach your ears, surprisingly strong over the beat of many hooves. Soon, they are almost upon you. A large gathering of Shu’Halo races up the small hill you are perched on. Children dance around your ankles and elders hail you with a gentle smile and a nod.

“Hey-oh Traveler!”

The group stops abruptly and parts, revealing a young female. She paces closer, staff gently tapping the ground in a soft, gentle rhythm. Beads jingle and feathers shift as she stops just before you. Her voice is gentle as she speaks in musical, bell-like tones.

“Greetings! What makes you wander these plains all alone?”

She listens as you speak, her ears perked.

“I see… Tell me, Traveler. You must feel lonely, traveling alone. Would you like a place to rest your hooves and share your tales? Join us tonight. Feast with us, sing with us.”

She looks at you and grins.

“We won’t bite…Well, this one might, but he lets go with the promise of food.”

She jerks her thumb at a young male standing just behind her. He groans and whines as the group chuckles.

The female winks at you and holds out her hand.

“What say you, friend? Will you run with the Windsong?”


Hail friends and travelers!

After a long absence, the Windsong Herd is back and we’ve joined with our sister tribe, The Shadowhoof Tribe, to bring you the Thundering Herd!

The Windsong Herd is an all Tauren, casual RP guild with a future interest in Raiding. We carry a neutral alignment with the Horde so we ask that all members be cautious RPing in large Horde cities . We have no weekly log in requirement but we ask that you check in with us if you will be away for more than two weeks. If you do not notify an officer of an extensive leave of absence, after 4 months your character will be pulled from the guild and you will receive a note in your inbox from myself explaining the situation.

What we look for in members:
~Minimum level for all characters is 20. 70 for Death Knights.
~Mature roleplayers are a must!
~Must not shy away from conflict RP. While we do not openly search for conflict, there are times when it will arise.
~Be willing to help create and manage storylines and events. Be aware that we may ask you to step up and help run an event as well!

If you have any questions, would like to join, or want to look into running a storyline with us, feel free to message me or the following officers.

PR Cows:

P.S. Older members- Be aware that in these next few days, I’ll be cleaning house! If you wish to maintain your position in the guild please log in!

Winds guide you, friends!

The Windsong Herd website- windsongherd.guildlaunch.com

The Thundering Herd forums- http://thethunderingherd.freeforums.net/
"Hee-yup Hee-yooo!" The male swooped down and over the group marching towards the highlands. There were yelps and a few elders shook their arms at the trickster.

A hippogryph gave a screech and Leyatee had to bank hard to avoid the skytalon. "Hey! Watch it!"

The skytalon looked over the other and he winked before turning to a dive and heading into the thick trees. Laying his ears back, Leyatee urged his mount forward to follow the Shadowhoof. "Oh no you don't..."

As he flew off he could hear the yells of his tribemen urging him to win the challenge for the Windsong.


YAY! Bumps for the Moo-moos! I hope we get to do another skytalon/winddancer challenge between the Windsong and the Shadowhoof. I need a rematch!

Those of you moos who need a home should really check us out! We are more apt to wander then our sister tribe, so come see us if you think traveling is the life for you! :D
Az chuckled and gave a shout to her friend, shaking her fist as she did so.

"If you lose, I'll glue YOU to the saddle this time!"

She shook her head as Leyatee raced through the trees after the Shadowhoof rider. That bull... He could be such a handful sometimes. A few of her herdsmen laughed at her as she gave an exasperated sigh. She muttered to herself.

"Stay safe, my friend."


I like this idea!
Kurshaw leaned back against a tree as she took in the marching song of the Windsong down below. Their hums, deep voices, and light bells traveled on the winds where ever they found themselves. The Matriarch was glad and honored that they decided to travel through her tribes lands this season.

Startled, the Matriarch lurched as two bulls flew past and dove against the thick over growth. She watched them tumble a bit before one managed to break away and dart ahead. She shook her head and took one last look below her at the traveling Herd making its way through the thicket. Then, she was gone.


<3 <3 <3 So much love and support to our sister tribe! <3 <3 <3

I am up for making an event sometime in April for a flying tournament of some kind. That would be a grand idea! Maybe something of a game of tag in the sky, or a keep away. We could also have a little air show for those who don't participate in the games! *Jots down more notes*
The sounds of the forest blended with the gentle jingle of bells and the steady beat of drums as the Windsong ran through Shadowhoof land. An'She was just beginning to set, casting long shadows in which the children played. Azriell gave a low call, bringing the Herd to a stop in a small clearing. "We shall make camp here tonight! Pitch no tents and watch where you make fires. We do not wish to harm the lands of our sister tribe."

The herd burst into action, unpacking Kodos and laying out mats. Small fires were lit here and there, and soon the smells of various meals began floating through the small camp.

Az sat near one of the fires, staring up at the stars, when she felt a small tug on her hand. A young male looked up at her, his eyes wide. She chuckled. "Yes Waya?'

Waya grinned and tugged her hand again. He pointed over his shoulder at the group of children huddled closely behind him. "Will you tell us a story?"

Az laughed gently and ruffled Waya's hair. "Of course! How about the story of old Hotto Windsong?"

A few of the children gasped, for they loved any story that involved the wise old bull. But Waya frowned. "I want to hear a story about the Shadowhoof!"

Azriell thought for a moment. "Hmm...I will not pretend to know all there is to know about the Shadowhoof. Let me think..."

She paused for a moment. "Ah! How about the tale of Plac Setting Sun and the Shadowhoof?"

The children clapped and settled at her feet. Azriell leaned in and began to recite the tale told to her by Kurshaw in a hushed voice.

"Many generations ago..."

D: You always come up with the best ideas! Teach me, oh master, the ways of event planning! x3
Adoerte flew over the camp of the windsong and smiled to himself. He then continue to fly off into the wilds of Feralas.
Kurshaw always comes up with the best ideas! Same with Nightreed XD
As the story unfolded, Kurshaw flicked her tail. She loved to come by the camps in secret and check on everyone's safety and well-being. Having informed the braves on watch, she had moved up a tree just out of sight, but not away from earshot.

The Chieftess let her guard down as she lounged in the tree. The Windsong camp bustling below made her purr as she doze.


Sometimes I creep.... o_____o

Haha, anyway, mucho love! Market next Sunday, don't forget! I will get to see all my lovely Windsong moo cows again! Az, we need to get together and discuss vendors and a few people who want to be thieves this time around.

As for Nightreed... Yeah, they have a few good ideas coming up that we will discuss later too. Muah Muahaha Muahahahaha! *Cough cough* Bwahaha...
"...and that, little ones, is how the Shadowhoof came to honor the setting sun."

Azriell smiled softly as she looked at the young Shu'Halo at her feet. Many had fallen asleep, including young Waya, who had been perched on her lap. She looked up at the older Shu'Halo that had gathered as she told her tale and winked. They chuckled and began to carry their children away one by one. Lifting Waya, Az made her way through the camp to a small fire near the western outskirts. A female rose to meet her as she neared. Waya's mother rounded the fire quickly and took the little one from her arms with a chuckle.

Grinning, Az made her way back towards her fire and her mat. Now that she had seen the little ones off, sleep was calling her as well. She yawned and looked up at the canopy. She stood for a moment , humming a soft melody before laying and letting sleep carry her away.

*Dusts the thread off and throws it back to the top*
Get back up there, you!
The Matriarch stood at the edge of the cliff with a smile. She could hear the songs of the Windsong Herd calling her tribe back to Mulgore. The market was coming again, and the Shadowhoof all looked forward to trading with their sister tribe and the other races.

Kurshaw looked to one of her shaman and he winked before handing a drum to Kurshaw's daughter. Ad'uatha started up a slow beat that a few other children picked up on their own drums and bells. One by one, the Shadowhoof joined their voices in a traveling song.


And if you're wondering, they would have a traveling song like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z_hCwrNcLs :3 OMG! I can't wait to join up for some RP again! <3 you all!
The old bull stood by the cliff humming to himself. He knew, even without his eyes, the beacons of light in the distance marking his ancestors decent. They were coming, and it was the Herds time to honor their sacrifices and show respect to their wisdom.

Hotto turned to the guard at his right and pat her shoulder. "Hmm Hmm Hmm.... The time of the Elders is upon us again?"

The guard looked off towards where Hotto had been staring and squinted. "How do you know these things?"

"The wind, young one... It speaks of many things, if only one would simply listen." The old bull leaned back on his staff and waited, the sound of the returning songs of his tribe floated around him.

The guard swiveled her ears and strained to hear.


With our gracious leader's permission.... I would like to invite all those interested in joining our little "Remember your Elders" event! We will be hosting a traveling group all day to various areas to gather the elder coins. We will be roleplaying and having a marry ol' time!

Date: February 6th all day!
Hey now... What is this whole mess? Why is this so far down? *Growls at the thread and it shuffles back to the top*

There. *She snorts*
You guys sound interesting so I'll pitch my idea here as well; I would like to find tauren tribal rp(you guys) that I can participate cross-server. I have rp'd before on another toon on MG but a heavy raid schedule cut me away from it. But now with the new CRZ, I would wish to rp on my main, Deathtremor, aka Death. But the main reason I want rp is because I want to experience the lore, an tradition of my favorit race through rp, specifically the kind I've read up above which interests me greatly.

If you guys would be willing to have me, add DeathTremor#1361

and bump.
Sounds like a plan! I will gladly add you, good sir! I am not on more then a few hours each day (work sucks), but I do enjoy roleplay! We will be doing a few really fun events soon, and I can inform you of each as they come around.
Bump for quality RPers!
Putting in my two Moos.

You can never have enough cowchips...wait what??

A big Shadowhoof bump to the Windsong! <3 The Shadowhoof love you long time!

Don't get off our lawns, come join us for the salad! *munchmunchmunch---ducks incoming tomato*
*Sniffs at said tomato after it's come to a stop* Hm. Color!

*munchmunch....now, if only I had some chick peas.....*


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