Recruiting Heals & Tank Immediately 485 Ilvl

<Mystical> Thrall "Recruiting Tanks & Heals"

<Mystical>25 Is now recruiting! We are a Serious progression guild currently looking for Heals for it's Core 10m Raid Team(475 ilvl Min). Always looking for that shining star, exceptionally skilled player of any class are welcome to apply. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 Pm Est - 12 Pm Est. We are currently 9/16. Apply at or contact me in-game Animaltooth#1225 or Stepdad @ AnArChY1#1171

Raid Schedule: Tuesday-Thursday 9Pm - 12Am
Off nights with Unscheduled raids do happen

-TANK: Monk or Paladin (PREF)
-HEALS: Druid or Monk (PREF)
-Exceptionally skilled Tanks or Heals of any class should apply on the website
MAYBERRY!!!!! Smoogles!!!!
Still looking
The other way from down?....... oh yeah UP!
Still looking for those two spots, Being selective.

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