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Hi! So, months ago... I deleted a character in ZUL'JIN (normal)

It was a death knight level 55... named "Wolfzlol" - Realm : Zul'Jin...

But it still shows up in the armory and on the website... It's quite annoying..
Is there a way that I could delete that character completely of the armory...?

-Same thing on my Europe account with a character named "Raphaël" Death Knight Blood Elf,
The Armory is notoriously slow to update, sometimes it's instant, sometimes it a few weeks. I wouldn't stress to much over it.
Thanks, but I mean, it's there since 1 year or a LOT of months ago...
I'm having a similar problem. I deleted a level 55 death knight named "Kydex" on the Kirin Tor realm several months ago, but it still shows up in the armory and on the website.

I noticed that if I create a new character with exactly the same name on the same realm, the armory actually shows both the old deleted character and the new character that I just created (even though the character names and realms are identical).
Yep! That's it! Same thing for me!
... Help ?
Has your character been deleted from the armory yet, Wolfzlol? Mine hasn't.
Nope! I think that they don't care about that.... :S :S
A response would be nice. I only notice because I now use the Mobile Armory App on my Smartphone.... I still show Toons that I deleted 2+ years ago. I only want to view current information. C'mon BLIZZ, at least add a way to manually delete toons from your own Armory.
I had 10 characters on different servers that I hadn't touched in years so last night I went through and deleted them all.

This morning I check the armory here and on my iPad and they are gone.

But there is a single character that I deleted years ago that is still showing on my armory list (Webpage and mobile) that doesn't show up in my server list.

I can't delete it from the armory and it isn't on the server so it just sits there in my armory list blowing raspberries at me.

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