Define LF3M 10 man - 13/16(N) / 1/16(H)!

MSV- 6/6(N), 1/6(H)
HoF - 5/6(N), 0/6(H)
ToES - 2/4(N), - 0/4(H) - Elite protectors dead

Raid times(pacific) Invites are @ 7:15 outside the raid :
Tue - 7:15(pst) to 10:30(pst)
Wed - 7:15(pst) to 10:30(pst)
Thur - 7:15(pst) to 10:30(pst)


Melee DPS:
Death knight
Feral Druid

Range DPS:

Resto Druid

Before applying make sure :
1) You are fully enchanted/Gem
2) Know what it takes to progress
3) Must be able to make raid times, We do understand if real life comes up, but you must let us know at least a DAY ahead if possible.
4) Make sure you understand that being in 10 man guild, you will have to sit out one time once in awhile, as we need to have strong 12-13 raiders.

If you are interested please feel free to add my

Battletag : EvilMage18#1867

<GM> Phattank
Still looking
Interested in a tanking spot. I'll send a tell in game.
I have not been able to catch you, if you can add me on battle tag ;)
Still looking.
need 2 good healers (Druid,Shammy,Priest)
were are all the good healers hiding :)
*Updated* In need of a DPS + Healer.
need 1 resto druid :))
If the DPS spot is still open I'd be interested; I should still have you on ID just hit me up when you get a chance

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